Micro, create visual social media intelligence analysis platform

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is a big data analysis in the field of social media analysis, the use of machine learning and data mining algorithm, and excavate the key knowledge intelligence decision support for government and enterprise brand.

the company was founded in 2012, the founder of Yu Xiao, it has a doctorate in Harbin university of technology of data mining, from 2005, deep data mining field, and Harbin industrial university institute of management team to create social network data mining joint laboratory. In October 2012, know to zhejiang group media dreamworks angel investment.

specific to the business level, known as the available technology to treatment including weibo, WeChat, snowball and news client, zhihu vertical Internet information platform, breaking news, information and monitoring, analysis and mining of the propagation path, semantic features and the character attributes, for business customers and the government to provide accurate information real-time monitoring, word of mouth digging, consumer portrait and accurate communication strategy support.

at present, micro are struggling to build a large system known as the Internet intelligence analysis platform, and further improve on data visualization effect, design the product in the direction of dynamic interaction. Micro data journalism is known now and in the future an important export of data output, known as micro has close cooperation with several authoritative media, for the first time use data to witness history. Southern weekend, zhejiang daily, phoenix TV, Vista to see the world, Reuters, the Wall Street journal, the south China morning post and other media have repeatedly use micro data writing articles published reports.

the analysis tools are divided into normal version and the professional version of the two. Normal version support weibo under article 1000 forward quantity analysis, premium can provide more professional, credible data analysis and reporting, etc.

the following a brief look at the know the 4 main product features:

1, propagation analysis. Mainly provided to enterprises, governments, and operations, data analysis, evaluation, a single weibo for precise positioning consumer crowd, evaluating the microblogging marketing effect, maintain the brand image.

2, intelligence, surveillance. Based on the characteristics of weibo social media intelligence products, products are mainly characterized by high speed data acquisition, professional analysis, rival track, depth of character customization, effective public opinion search, etc.

3, event analysis. Event analysis is more than the aggregate analysis of information, is used to evaluate events influence, development time, event main point aggregation show and listen to people.

4, information gathering. Transfer is valuable and accurate information, many is the urgent demand for information users have been looking for, to know the micro information InfoInsigh editorial products on the basis of the accumulation of massive intelligence data, by machine learning, recommendation engines, data mining, natural language processing technology, such as which accurate information in the user.

when it comes to “big data”, known as micro market department personnel think the current user expectations of “big data” is actually too high, the lack of understanding of the data, can affect the data mining products promotion. How to effectively communicate with users in the future, improve the technology of user, data quality, passing the correct concept of big data, design more human friendly data products, is the problem that many data companies worth considering.

know micro

time: 2012

company: Beijing HBCMS know micro technology co., LTD.


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