Micro letter enemy Line launch stock to buy “services”

recently, the well-known mobile IM applications Line joint Japan online Securities trading platform SBI Securities, introduced the application in stock purchasing service. Line users to subscribe to the SBI Securities “service”, you can buy stocks and funds within the territory of Japan.

the whole trading process is very simple. User opens the SBI “service”, enter text “buy”, and after get official feedback, fill in to buy stock quantity to complete the transaction. However, at present this service did not support the stock to sell.

and WeChat similar public service platform, the Line also has called a “Line” Business Connect service platform. The service is designed to help companies achieve in Line to provide users with a variety of functions. Previously, LG with the aid of the platform, introduced a HomeChat, allow remote control and the adaptation of smart home.

it’s interesting that the SBI Securities had been quietly operating under the “umbrella” asylum of softbank corp. After the media rumors masayoshi son very interested in the Line, is also trying to ever buy Line30 % of the shares.

it is understood that the Line will be later this year in the United States and Tokyo to double to IPO, is expected to more than $10 billion in market value.