Micro letter public big revision mystery: covert payment enclosure micro letter

cloud network hunting note: micro letter platform has a new action, micro public letter revised boots finally fall to the ground, as many as several changes shows the micro letter for determination of the operation of the public platform to continue fine but in static water flow behind general strategy to pick the whole, the letter also gradually expanded ambitions: that is the power of all enclosure micro letter to pay, even if it is disguised.

this adjustment has the details can be thinking? Hunting cloud network editor you give everyone look at the facts:

WeChat six major revision mentioned two points: one is that of opened a public WeChat pay, allowed into graphic message jump links. Second, for the enterprise or business to recognize and apply WeChat payment function, the public platform for the original “merchants” renamed “WeChat payment”. The renamed micro letter pay specific function remains the same, is to promote sales, payment collection, business analysis, and other functions of a complete set of solutions.

analysis under the cloud network editor king hunting:

allowed by joining jump links, this is a what concept? This is equivalent to the micro letter enclosed pool can start external shunt, although now the public can view the original, but in addition to the location on down, the user experience is not good. The optimization, can let the public issue of operators to join jump links, can link micro letter content, will greatly enrich the reading experience. And many WeChat based public number want to develop business of electricity, is undoubtedly a major positive. Operators in marketing and a more flexible choice – micro store marketing is relatively hard, embedded in the content of electricity link is more soft, more native.

to open the micro letter to pay of the public, allow add skip links in graphic message

want to have this function? Yes, step is very simple, need only opening WeChat pay!

WeChat just a update on the function, can “force” a large number of the public, overnight, planted a WeChat pay the red flag. No! Go to this step, WeChat wishful thinking is not yet finished. Every public number itself has a number of objective fans, is undoubtedly the micro letter pay propaganda in the best position, by the public, to influence more and more people use micro letter, stand center of the circle, to spread outside the circle influence, this is also the micro letter.

predictably, WeChat will continue to support WeChat pay on the function, will introduce some of the more extreme strategy is the escort son. Hunting, for example, a cloud network editor you can predict, opened micro letter to pay the public more operating rights, and even more article published. And for those who opened the micro letter to pay the ordinary users, the letter can be in the derivative system such as shopping, game, the “privilege” of resources.

these measures and attract users, in the PC era, tencent had become adept.

to be WeChat merchants function strong renamed WeChat pay, more highlights the WeChat promoting WeChat pay determination. The move, in addition to the outside world with a strong brand awareness, a clear signal to the electricity businessman, that is in the micro letter electrical business ecosystem, micro letter pay is center, only use micro letter pay can play electric.

the number of people going to do in micro letter electricity also many, the electricity business groups is also promoting micro letter to pay another ally.

cloud network editor jun found that hunting WeChat pay has become the most vanguard WeChat development strategy is the most important one.

“whether traditional electricity or O2O, pay up forever is the role of a link. Can be seen from the pay treasure, pay the derivative space more astonishing, big data and Internet finance, payment must be giant competing for land.”