Microsoft beat Google World Cup knockout prediction

On July 14,


in 15 World Cup knockout prediction, Microsoft beat Google in 15 games in the whole record, the latter prediction for 14 of them.

including Germany to a 1-0 victory over Argentina in the final, Microsoft has forecast 15 elimination games were hit. But if you count the three or four final innocuous Brazil and the Netherlands, Microsoft hit 15 games in 16 games.

since bing in the group stage of the prediction accuracy is only 60% (all 48 games only to predict the 29), so the knock-out shot is very impressive.

Microsoft forecast results when using data including the team’s game records, the strength of the schedule, before game winning percentage, home court advantage, weather and other factors.

but it is worth noting that this year’s World Cup knockout unpopular rarely – statistics on strong team can usually win. For Microsoft, however, can beat Google still is a remarkable achievement. (book Yu)

source: sina science and technology