Microsoft confirmed that the future is only a Windows exist!

Microsoft CEO recently announced that in the future will integrate all the different version of Windows for one. This means that the WP, desktop for Windows and Windows RT will no longer be “themselves”. Although had had the Windows “unified” plan, but this is the official confirmation from Microsoft authority figures.

after Microsoft WWDC officially launched the “Universal Windows Apps” project, designed to allow developers to develop a application, at the same time can run across multiple platforms such as Windows, WP, Xbox.

“it means that all the size of the screen, running is the same Windows system. We plan in the next version of Windows, the realization of the plan.” He said Della.

however, Della, stressed that the future will continue to sell at the same time Microsoft Windows Pro, Windows system version of the Enterprise and so on according to different audience.

Microsoft released Tuesday by the fourth quarter earnings and revenue of $23.38 billion, slightly better than the average analyst expectations. However, due to completed in April for nokia devices and services business, Microsoft’s poor performance for the quarter profit, for 55 cents a share. Costs associated with the nokia deal reached 8 cents per share.