Microsoft, do you know what call tablet?

eastern time on Tuesday night, Microsoft released the third generation of Surface flat in New York. Higher Suface Pro 3 compared to previous generations have more clear screen, stronger performance, ingenious design allows it to connect Type Cover after more firmly on the user’s legs.

Surface product manager Panos Panay, in the wife long conference clearly illustrates his vision of tablet: “people tell you want to buy a tablet, but in fact you need is a notebook computer (Laptop)”, he said: “today, our goal is to bridge the two conflict.”

Surface Pro 3 is a new equipment, but this vision is old ideas. Since Microsoft tablet concept for the first 13 years ago, Microsoft is always the tablet as a new kind of PC devices.

(figure: in 2002, gates display Windows XP tablet PC)

but the vision of Microsoft is wrong.

tablet is not PC.

specifically: tablet was a great success, because it is not a PC . Apple and other Android tablet can quickly spread in they forget the complexity of the traditional PC. Microsoft committed to making “can be used as a PC tablet” is that they didn’t understand tablet of economic driving force and user needs.

less is more

smartphones and tablet is christensen’s theory of “disruptive innovation” a perfect example: a relatively simple and cheap technology to replace the old technology. PC was thus destroyed the mainframe of the market. Digital camera and smart phone after damaging the public professional photographic equipment market. The Internet is destroying the traditional newspaper business news.

the key to understanding disruptive innovations is to understand, innovative products appeared not carry forward, but less tend to be more simple function, looks can’t satisfy those who use them to replace the traditional technology of customer needs. Buzzfeed initial reports level is far inferior to the New York times, compared to early PC mainframe is only toys. But the simplicity of new products and cheap gave them innovative space and power, constantly evolve until enough good destroyed the old market.

innovation in the field of mobile devices is the phenomenon of textbook case. The announcement in 2010, it seems just a experimental equipment. Lack is multifunctional, it has no keyboard, and therefore not suitable for a large number of text input, it doesn’t even have a USB interface, a lot of people can’t accept only through the apple appstore for application. A large number of science and technology the author questioned the media: why user can buy this, rather than buy a full-featured notebook?

however, the market prove these question is wrong. The big success. Those who look is the lack of adverse factors instead of the device. Apple gave up on the Menu – ICONS mixed graphical interface to a touch screen provides the best interaction, the tablet without a keyboard and mouse, forcing developers to its development and a large number of the application of touch screen optimization.

the inherited a lot of outstanding elements from the iPhone. Starting in the 1980 s, PC operating system to be without the basis of the multilayer, folder, file management system. Turned to the iPhone resolutely gave up the system application as the center, it brought a lot of confusion to early adopters. Asks the user must through the official app store purchase application greatly simplifies the process and be able to keep the application update. These changes has applied to the device, greatly reduce the storage space. It no longer need the traditional mechanical hard disk, instead more efficient space smaller SSD.

in short, the success lies in its complete function of the “does not have” MacBook. Such a simple compared to the MacBook smaller, lighter and more cheap. More important is, of course, such a simple device for ordinary users (rather than a heavy PC users) to create a better user experience. If the user just want to see the movie later, check e-mails, read e-books on the Internet, they no longer need complex keyboard, mouse, file systems, and other functions provided by the traditional PC, just need to pick up the device, click with the fingers.

of course, if you want to complex text processing, a chart or edit images, the traditional PC is more suitable for these tasks. But the vast majority of ordinary users, especially at home, do not need to complete these tasks. They need to look at the video and read e-books check e-mails on the Internet to play games.

available in 2010, the day before the formal introduction device, jobs in large space what is the meaning of this new product is introduced.

he asked, iPhone and MacBook, there is a new category of space? If the new category in dealing with some tasks cannot provide better than the iPhone and MacBook experience at the same time, it is not the existence of value (like netbooks). Argue that it can successfully based on jobs, is that it provides in dealing with the following tasks at the same time better than the iPhone and MacBook experience:

in fact, this is the first launch platform. Apple and all are explained in detail this program.

at the beginning of 2010 in the conference full video:

Microsoft did not understand things

Microsoft hate flat view of the type of jobs. Microsoft is in the past, now is still a PC as the core of company, is still in use PC thinking to solve all problems. The company by selling Windows and Office software license PC software for billions of dollars in revenue. Of course, they hope in an age of mobile Internet can still hold on to their gold reserve. So the company like the concept of “tablet and PC.

however, this idea is from corporate strategy needs rather than starting from the user’s needs. Need a PC power users of natural went to buy a PC. Need tablet users to buy a tablet, of course, they are thinner, cheaper, and in some ways to provide a better experience.

Microsoft Surface on Pro 3 on the vision is to “replace the Laptop. Microsoft even invented a weird new vocabulary “Lapability”, by knee lap and ability formation. Traditional laptops we call it the “Laptop”, on the computer above the knee. Microsoft thinks Surface Pro 3 keyboard set of front end and a magnet can better adsorption on the flat, folded back support provides more flexible Angle, thus the Surface Pro 3 had better “Lapability”, can be used on the knee, not weaker than the MacBook.

at the scene of the event, however, we see at the bottom of the journalists in the use of all the apple MacBook records. Even if the Surface is exquisite design emerge, do manual work is wonderful artical excelling nature, but a can be used as a Laptop PC it is a Laptop, and it can not compete with classical models of Laptop, such as the MacBook Air.

(photo: Surface Pro 3 conference scene, the reporter all USES the apple MacBook)

more bizarre than Lapability this new word is Microsoft Surface tablet PC and product positioning. The user does not need a can be turned into the tablet PC or tablet PC can do. Surface Pro 3 attempts to fired at the apple MacBook Air and behavior at the same time put himself into the embarrassing situation.

jobs at the conference that the words of the opening is also applicable to Surface . In the transition zone between the device and the MacBook Air, does not exist a new category? This new category if you want to gain a foothold, it is necessary to provide at the same time with respect to the enough is better than that of the device and the experience of the MacBook Air.

maybe in the future we will find between the device and the Air there is a new category, but it won’t be Microsoft Surface. As we have understood the iPhone and MacBook Air between the new category, but it is not a netbook.

is still at the end of the article’s discourse: since the advent of Microsoft Surface, I just want to write their own points of view. During the interaction with a number of media opinion, also experience the Surface equipment. Originally cautiously and reservation yesterday, but was delayed. After Vox author Timothy b. Lee’s article “” speech that a lot I want to say but not said. So I put their views (mainly in the new category) fusion as translated in this article.

don’t want to make a lousy article takes time and effort. I saw the introduction video of past dynasties, the media comments, Surface, a small amount of public video and Surface product manager Panos Panay, public speaking and personal Twitter and so on. Doesn’t want to hard work, just want to hand a shake when friends media reproduced attach the author name, hunting cloud network source links. Be very grateful.

as usual, if you have any different opinions welcome the discussion.