Microsoft does not give up on function machine? ! Push the Nokia 130 $25

according to, Microsoft has just officially unveiled a function called Nokia 130 machine. Interestingly, it was not long ago, Microsoft announced that the future will abandon the development function of nokia machine. We should not only ask, Microsoft is today since the face again?

the Nokia 130 is based on a Series of 30 function machine, price is only $25. It is reported, this phone only very basic functionality, including MP 3 music playback, 1.8 -inch display, color screen, support double card double stay. The Nokia 130, super long standby time is window: can play continuously 46 hours or 16 hours of video, audio support 13 hours of talk time.

last month, after the announced in 18000 the biggest layoffs, and then points out that Microsoft will end in the next 18 months nokia function machine business. Including the Asha, Series40 product line from now on will be in a state of maintenance, relevant user won’t get any official update service.

Microsoft officials pointed out that the Nokia 130’s target audience is all the users to buy mobile phones for the first time. And they will choose to launch a mobile phone, because the current Microsoft failed to meet this vast population of equipment.

it is understood that the Nokia 130 will be held this quarter first log in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and eastern Europe and other regions.