Microsoft has revealed the new Internet explorer four new features

Microsoft has announced a new version of IE browser will be web pages, multimedia audio capture, support ES6 language standard, HTTP2.0 agreement four new features, at the same time also said the new Microsoft IE function change or will bring not only on this.

small make up in this simple introduction of the four major functions:

l HTTP2.0 or HTTP/2 is now faster update Internet transport protocols, with Google SPDY open source network protocol as the foundation, by the authority of the Internet technology standardization organization IETF (Internet engineering task force) to specification.

l web audio API for web application for audio transmission and synthetic JavaScript API interface.

l multimedia capture the local audio, video capture user access equipment.

l ES6 language standard is a new version of the JavaScript language standard, so that developers write asynchronous processing code.

Microsoft said, in view of the contemporary Internet environment the company will launch more improvement with the characteristic of interoperability, and revealed the characteristics of several other pending development is also important, developers are expected to see more in a future version of the update.

Microsoft also take this opportunity to share the vision for the future development of the IE platform – (at) “the Internet will service for all users of users, developers, and enterprise”. Therefore, Microsoft will also actively push, users will be led to a new version of the browser, and strengthen the research and development, reduce the potential security vulnerabilities, and further improve the adaptation and compatible with HTML 5 features.

in the recent Build developers conference, Microsoft launched a new website Status. Modern. Ie, designed to show developers support ie web technologies and standards for Microsoft ie is expected to take in the future. Ends smoothly the site test and add open source, search filter optimization, deep links, mobile adaptation optimization function.

l open source: at the request of many developers, Microsoft will the entire site (including data information support) moved to making, can be obtain by Apache V2 certificate.

l search, filter optimization: new Interop menu will allow users to more easily find themselves to the characteristics of the query.

l deep links: currently, the website can pass it, and presents the statement added to the characteristics of the user to want to share a deep links.

l mobile adaptation optimization: so far, 20% of users via mobile devices to land the website, so Microsoft further optimization of the mobile devices the display effect, so that developers can access to the first-hand information in real time.

it, Microsoft’s upgrading of IE is under a lot of kung fu, future versions of Internet explorer, let’s look forward to.

Via: The Next Web