Microsoft Insteon together into the smart home, expand Microsoft ecosystem

Microsoft announced and intelligent household manufacturers Insteon to establish relations of cooperation, and will be fully integrated into the present popular home automation network in Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Insteon located in irvine, California, the product of free home automation network has always been popular with customers. Insteon the network integration of the radio frequency with the existing power line, provides a quick and reliable double-frequency connection. Insteon product line including 200 many sensors, switches, camera, and other household equipment monitoring management. Insteon network control can control the third party equipment, such as Google acquisition in early Nest .

6 on 1 , an enhanced version Insteon applications will log in WP 8 series intelligent devices, including Windows 8.1 your computer. It is understood that the application has some exclusive function, including dynamic magnet fully integrated – user opens the Windows8.1 equipment will see on the screen multiple devices at the same time the real-time update of status; And camera components support – allows the user to whole put together to check the information, fast browsing information, or not installed Insteon Hub conditions can also use the camera.

Insteon in the appearance of the first new products to improve the operation dial, then also launched a new “visitors” model, to avoid children and guests wrong operation;” Many houses “support, users can through an account to monitor, control, more homes.

apparently, currently the Insteon support integration of dynamic magnet is faced with Windows system. However, Insteon team also said that the future is expected to introduce these New features Android and iOS system (team did not disclose the specific time now).

in addition, soon Insteon series of products will appear in the Microsoft store shelves – including Insteon light bulbs, Insteon Hub and other accessories combination of smart home kit and so on. The equipment prices will be in the $, was set up price for 199 $.

Insteon , 6 on 1 , Insteon equipment will be on Microsoft’s official website , including in-store promotion, product display and use of training, and plans in 7 accept reservations.

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