Microsoft invited to test the Android tablet version of Office, applicants “forcing” website

according to, Microsoft will be later this year, officially launched the android tablet version of Office. Now, Microsoft has invited a early foreign volunteers, want the user to join the test feedback.

unfortunately, it seems that people are very active on this activity, that has been in a state of “paralysis”. Microsoft’s commitment will be resumed as soon as possible to apply for the web, and in the next few weeks they continue to accept applications.

the Android version of Office will be officially launched later this year. Previously reported that Windows 8 for “touch optimization” Office no earlier than the earliest published in early 2015.

if the above message correctly, so this means that the Office will be officially became a across the Windows, Android, iOS, and other Office software operating platform. Is in line with the, in an attempt to revive the Microsoft’s strategy: “the expansion of Microsoft’s services to each platform.”

pictured above is not the official version of the Android tablet Microsoft Office