Microsoft low end their skill by “Google” movement

ZDNet reported, launched by Microsoft in “campaign against Google” – Scroogled may have a end by Microsoft. Bing department, vice President of Derrick Connell said publicly: “Microsoft Scroogled have completed (complete).”

Scroogled is Microsoft launched against Google search and other business activities. Its core idea is to resist the unfairness of Google search results, collect user privacy data, search results, covering a large number of harmful or false information, etc. Obviously, Microsoft’s purpose is to tell the user that Google services unsafe and because of excessive dependence on advertising revenue caused by the fact that is not real. In order to guarantee the network security, the user should use the Microsoft Bing and other services.

in addition to launch irony ridiculed the Google’s advertising, Scroogled project also introduced all kinds of bearing boycott Google services, such as the recent Scroogled shirts, mugs and so on. The project propaganda level in spite of this, Microsoft can’t compliment, many advertisements of all people felt more.

let’s mildly shocking is that during a question-and-answer session, responsible for the Bing business experience, and driven by Bing Bing, web design, vice President of the Microsoft services of Derrick Connell, points out that Microsoft’s Google project has been completed.

“a lot of people Scroogled will produce misunderstanding. We launched the main purpose of the movement of enterprise social responsibility, the user’s personal privacy in the Internet age need to be real protection. I’m proud that Microsoft can in the case, but more about the outside world views boldly launched the campaign. Now, I think we implemented at the beginning of the target, and finally finished the project.”

Microsoft official for the “end” remark pointed out: “Microsoft is always in the update marketing strategy. We always bold through different sports. To express our different values with competitors. Scroogled is one of them. Future Microsoft will continue to use all reasonable means to achieve these goals.”

so far, are still in the running, but Scroogled official Twitter seems to have been suspended, it finally released an update on the 20th last month. Previously, responsible for Scroogled project Mark Penn (Mark Penn) has been transferred, no longer responsible for the project.