Microsoft released this kill recruit: the first Win 8.1 $199 laptop

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, HP to be released first sells for less than $200 in Windows 8.1 laptop. The device is considered to be the last straw of Microsoft, the competitors first for this offering.

this is called Stream 14 HP notebook, with a 14 inch screen, the screen resolution of 1366 x 768; Built-in AMD processor; 2 gb of RAM, 32/64 gb storage (extensible); Windows 8.1 system; Did not provide free 100 gb OneDrive space.

it was not long ago, Microsoft announced jointly launched a number of OEM ultra-low price of Windows 8.1 laptop. Although this market share is still not with Windows, but its rapid economic growth. Has been in the mobile space behind a big chunk of Microsoft, no matter how to can’t put up with Google in the PC to its dominance in the field of counter attack.

so far, it is not clear specific release date of the above equipment. But there is no doubt that Microsoft and Google is making, fight, prepare between traditional hegemony and subversion uprising.