Microsoft said it had “distracted” HTC’s back

(editor: horse relief yi)

Microsoft officials recently announced that the company will “to return to the” WP camp.

this news comes from Microsoft OEM division director Nick? Parker (Nick Parker). In recently computex, when asked about how to deal with WP hardware cooperation manufacturers, such as parker said: “if I could, then I will know everything. I can tell you that Microsoft and HTC is still the continuation of the good and stable relations of cooperation. We will soon launch new products with HTC together!”

if the mob is build on the Android HTC empire the lift, so early to HTC should fame is that it has close cooperation with Microsoft. From carrying the iPAQ Pocket PC, Microsoft to the first Microsoft smartphone Orange SPV, HTC was once a Microsoft smartphone in the field of the most loyal followers.

unfortunately, with the rise of Android, the original union seems to have become “eye”. Although HTC launched WP is also very good, but always can’t get away from the company nokia series of strong aura. When Microsoft announced acquisition of nokia phone unit, which is drifting away.

it’s interesting that had previously revealed a great god @ evleaks pointed out that HTC will be in the third quarter of this year to launch a code-named “” WP 8.1 mobile phones. It is reported, this will be a device in the end, and equipped with dual cameras as M8 function.