Microsoft scoff at this, while a low price

Microsoft for this attitude is a little confusing. On the one hand, it is always with “not connected to the Internet and a brick” to laugh at Google this low-cost laptop device. On the other hand, Microsoft seems to finished goods paranoid. In summer arrives, it’s not, joint HP “younger brother”, such as Microsoft to Google this launched a strong price hand-to-hand combat.

COO Kevin Turner, Microsoft announced at a conference, joint acer, Toshiba will soon launch two Windows laptop for $249. Including acer and Toshiba respectively adopted the Intel celeron processor. Although Turner did not give much more details about HP’s “Stream”, but it is worth noting that this is a price under $200 ($199) of Windows laptop products.

not only such, Microsoft also revealed that HP’s future will also launch Windows PC 7 to 8 inches. And the price of these devices will be as low as $99.

about this price, Microsoft was candid. “Microsoft to squeeze into the low end of the PC market. We have confidence in the fight against this attack battle, have absolute advantage.”

what’s interesting is that Microsoft’s friends all try water Chrombook successively. HP, for example, had just launched the first Intel core i3 this.

however, the price for consumers is a good thing. But we want to low price does not mean the spread of a new round of low quality notebook products.