Microsoft Surface is still want to use Intel “rebirthing”? !

according to, a Surface plate in the upcoming conference, Microsoft besides will launch a smaller size of the Surface flat, will also show a new Surface products. It is worth noting that it claims to be a new product, is the Intel chips (and the same Surface Pro), rather than based on ARM architecture.

Surface products previously divided into Surface RT and Surface Pro two product lines. RT series tablet has been a result is based on ARM architecture, Microsoft has had high hopes for this product, hope it can be done after the task of Android and iOS. Unfortunately, RT series flat since launch, sales. The first generation of RT tablet was Microsoft lost $900 million.

with the arrival of the wave of mobile intelligent device, the original stable and powerful “Microsoft and Intel alliance” status, become a bit embarrassed. But as Intel Bay Trail and a series of market for mobile equipment of low energy consumption, high performance processors, Microsoft seems to hope that through the very traditional alliance, to restore the Surface should have the market performance.

now, Google official basically has given up the race for more than 7 inch tablet. Perhaps Microsoft in the field of perseverance, really get something in return.

it is understood that the conference will be held on 20th of this month. Bloomberg said the upcoming Surface Mini will carry qualcomm processor.