Microsoft wants by improving the software design of the intelligent battery life extended to a week

Beijing time on June 12th morning news, Microsoft is developing a new project, hope to solve the intelligent mobile phone battery, by means of hardware and software with mobile phones to extend battery life in a week.

Microsoft research orchid William Chandra (Ranveer Chandra) said that although the performance of mobile devices has been greatly enhanced from the first generation of smart phones, but the battery life is almost no progress. That’s because the battery technology did not keep pace with the rapid development of computing hardware. Battery capacity just doubled over the past 15 years, and Microsoft project is to solve this problem.

Microsoft adjustment is the focus of the mobile devices or software design, in order to improve battery efficiency. Chandra, said this way before almost ignored by the industry, but can make a big improvement. “You can’t wait for the best battery technology was born.” He said, “because today’s battery use smart enough, so we can achieve a lot of progress.”

the chandra’s team is testing the most radical idea, is to provide equipment with two small pieces of lithium battery: one piece specifically for large current optimization, for example, when users run mobile games; Another piece is for low current design, such as when the standby. Chandra and her colleagues have developed a simple prototype, 20% to 50% battery life can be promoted.

the battery in the store it in the process of the energy is converted into current did not achieve the best efficiency. In this process, a lot of energy will be lost because of the heat or other problems. Today’s equipment optimization routine tasks for the battery, so will waste a great deal of power in the stage of peaks and valleys.

the project of Microsoft is in a stage of study, but some of those ideas has been applied to the actual product. Windows 8 WiFi software by using the energy saving technology of the design team. Chandra’s team also provides software developers to design a tool that help its predictions for each app consumption of electricity, thus convenient to reduce power consumption level.

the team’s another idea is to use E – Loupe function, operating system to help identify those still consumes too much in your spare time, and carries on the control. This function can be suspended or slow down background processes activity, in order to maximize battery life.

the chandra said, wearable devices and electric vehicles can also benefit from this type of software. For example, in the climb a steep hill or in the slow progress of traffic congestion, can call a different battery usage patterns.

source: sina science and technology