Microsoft what to be published next week? Here comes a Surface Pro 3

from Microsoft “” yesterday, there was a striking name – Surface Pro 3 (currently have disappeared). After the media reported that Microsoft will be held this month 20, a product launch on the Surface flat.

Microsoft may be released next week? Hunting cloud network comprehensive at present all predictions about the conference, as you summarized below:

first of all, the most of is a smaller screen size of the Surface plate (Surface mini?) To size between 7 to 9 inches. The mini and the Android “tablet phone” as the representative of the 7 inch tablet market, was a great development in recent years. Therefore, to launch more suitable for carrying, smaller size of the Surface is also understandable.

previously reported that the smaller the size of the equipment will carry qualcomm processor. Must be presented separately that, because of this, the next product forecast more reliability.

second, CNET, and other media reported that Microsoft will also launch a Surface plate with a “Intel processors. This means that the tablet is not above the Surface of the mini. Combined with today’s news, which carry Intel processor products what is it?

in view of the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 is Intel core, as a result, the so-called Surface Pro 3 is likely to be Microsoft to update the Surface Pro line symbol.

of course, all can wait until next week. We don’t rule out the possibility of Microsoft “a slip of the pen”.