Microsoft will push “superman” and “tesla” : can afford the flagship of the mobile phone

Microsoft is planning to launch two new Windows phone 8.1 device, according to sources familiar with Microsoft’s overall plan, Stephen Elop, head of the Microsoft equipment (Stephen Elop) in the company internal meetings this week shows two new smartphone devices. Elop described his statement in which he showed the autodyne mobile video ads with the two phones. Before Microsoft take phone revealed codename is “superman”, this kind of mobile phone front camera has 5 million pixels and a 4.7 -inch display.

the second phone code is “tesla,” the phone recently appeared in the leaked images. Elop said tesla mobile phone as a “people afford high-end machine”, configuration PureView camera. At the same time, the replacement of the tesla may be a Lumia720, replace Lumia720 status in the market. Tesla’s marked the Microsoft implementation of a new achievement, that is pushing PureView dropped to a lower price. Tesla mobile phone looks square founder and Lumia930 are similar, but we know that this phone will certainly do a thinner and compared with Lumia930 smaller volume.

elop in Microsoft company annual meeting pointed out that boot device innovation is imminent. After a few days, Microsoft’s Jo harlow was disclosed, Microsoft is planning to quickly launch a high-end product of the “other”. In the near future is expected to provide Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 update to developers and device makers, this update includes support for new hardware and some functional improvement, and prepare for new equipment. According to the report, prepared for release with Microsoft’s own equipment products, the company also plans to launch a Windows Phone product in Verizon HTC One M8.