Microsoft: WP and Win tablet will cost from $500 to $200

in recently computex, Microsoft’s official commitment to consumers this year will be able to see a big Bob price at around $200 or less WP and Windows tablet.

Microsoft vice President in charge of OEM Nick Parker (Nick Parker) said: “you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Because our products are from last year’s $300, $400, $500, to $100 this year, $200 and $300.”

Microsoft emphasized that these cuts of the equipment is mainly concentrated in about 7 inches, 8 “, 10 “mobile device. And this is the hottest device type in the market at present. In addition, parker said that this year as part of the WP price will drop to below $200.

although the price does not necessarily bring users, but it is undoubtedly one of the effective methods to expand the market share. Especially in the field of plate, the combination of Windows + Intel has gradually with the counter attack.

according to IDC, according to data released latest WP less than 4% market share. If it can be “biting castle peak don’t let go”, four years after its market share can be above 6.4%.