Microsoft’s $135 Nokia X2, will split the Android

Microsoft has just released another branch based on the Android system of smartphone – Nokia X2. Yes, this is a as Nokia product of X’s successor, is Microsoft’s official completing the acquisition after Nokia to launch its first based on the Android mobile phone.

specific configuration is as follows:

4.3 inch screen resolution is unknown;

1.2 GHz dual-core processor;

1 gb of RAM;

5 million pixels main camera;

support double card double stay.

in particular, the handset adds the Home virtual keys. Nokia was netizen “abnormal” design, because it removes very practical Home button.

it is understood that the product will go on sale in July in the global, priced at $135. Users have green, orange, yellow, black, white color is optional. As always, this kind of mobile phone with a lot of Microsoft services.

as we had expected, even nokia handset division has completely all to Microsoft, but the activities of the branch of an Android system mobile phone still did not stop. Microsoft wants to use more low-end nokia mobile phones, Android branch system to preempt the emerging markets. Of course, if you can, to some extent to split an Android ecosystem, that is great.

unfortunately, MOTOROLA Moto E, seemed to herald the burst of the dream.