Microsoft’s biggest layoffs will start, nokia department into the worst-hit areas

according to foreign media reports, the biggest layoffs shocks of the Microsoft’s upcoming, Microsoft, nokia department or will become one of the areas hit hardest by layoffs. Sources said that only in Finland’s nokia mobile phone manufacturing headquarters may go into the 1000 job cuts.

Microsoft formally in April to buy nokia devices and services, and thus has won about 25000 nokia staff, which includes 4700 employees in Finland. This means that every five nokia employees in Finland (Microsoft mobile unit), there will be a people get fired.

these nokia employees before the first to enter the first list of layoffs, according to reports, Microsoft will be announced later this month. Layoffs compared to the number of employees in 2009 Microsoft layoffs could reach the highest level ever.

last week, Microsoft CEO, in a letter to employees according to company reorganization signals, caused a huge speculation from the outside. Some speculate that in Finland will more for nokia staff layoffs. On Wednesday, a reported helsingin sanomat, Microsoft plans to lay off 1000 employees in Finland and then shut down nokia in northern Finland is primarily responsible for the function to develop software system Oulu (Oulu R& D) research and development center.

for the news, Microsoft declined to comment.

helsingin sanomat, points out that in oulu Microsoft employs 500 employees in the factory, however, nokia employees before part of the Microsoft removed before jobs: in the ace wave, salo and tampere respectively 1970, 1100 and 1970 employees.

in the past few years, in nokia for WP transition period, there have been hundreds of employees laid off, the researchers also included, in 2011, nokia symbian system of r&d outsourcing transition to Accenture employee.

in the past, nokia provides employees with generous “Bridge project” (Bridge programme). It has helped nearly 40000 employees, let them learn skill needed to develop the market, or encourage the self-employment. One of the most famous is the Finnish smartphone system Jolla project, launched its former partner OS based on nokia’s open source system, then launched its own smartphones.

this project in nokia India. Chennai factory was to continue. Because the company did not deal with tax issues, so has not yet been formally transferred to Microsoft’s.

according to the economic times reported, nokia plans in June again pull open the prelude to the plan. Are designed to help the unemployed find development road of the future.