Microsoft’s Internet explorer browser vulnerabilities influence is wide, XP users without a patch

on Saturday, Microsoft’s announcement that Microsoft’s Internet explorer browser security loophole, said the flaw could be malicious use, remote operation code (remote code execution). 6 – IE11 are affected, at present there is no official patches.

in Microsoft’s official website said: the vulnerability will make hackers were able to use IE remote execute arbitrary code, and can take advantage of the loopholes for IE to judge phishing site safety, reduce the user’s toes.

the vulnerability discoverer FireEye warning notice posted on its website that the security company, said hackers have the organization called “the secret is using the hole fox action” hacking.

symantec also issued a warning, and points out that XP users will be the key affected populations, especially in formal stop Microsoft XP after maintenance, the Microsoft did not intend to provide the patch for XP.

according to NetMarketshare data, 58% of the global desktop browser users choose the IE, whereas the affected the IE version of up to 26.5%.

before Microsoft also launched an official patch, the best option may be to change the browser (Firefox and Chrome is a good choice).

Microsoft said that after investigation, to “take appropriate measures to protect the rights and interests of users, through monthly security loopholes to upgrade the system to provide the corresponding solutions, or upgrade also provides security measures.