Microsoft’s new patent: the hidden control key releases screen space

in July, Microsoft CEO jean-paul Sartre,, (Satya Nadella) wrote an E-mail to all staff, titled “the great ambition and our core”. , tell their employees: “we live in a world of mobile first, cloud, the industry now respect is not traditional, but innovation. Microsoft with his own experience to define “mobile”. In the next few years time, we will see mobile space appears more and more new things, new technology, at the same time come with different screen sizes of devices.” Today, we have a new Microsoft to make patent, the patent right confirms the above said Della.

recently, the United States patent and trademark office has released a new Microsoft technology patents, the patent main contact control system for mobile devices. According to the patent description, Microsoft’s new patent provides a new method to control the display, it can improve the user experience, and can save valuable “space” on the screen.

Microsoft the new patent aims to solve such a problem: limited by screen size, mobile devices cannot show more content to the user. After we open the map navigation application, for example, in addition to display on the screen map route, there will be other virtual control button, the button will occupy part of the screen space, affect the route map to show content and effect. Another example about multitasking operating, for example, when we were watching a movie, if you still want to see the movie reviews, we have to withdraw from the video application interface, open a browser to search the film, thus in the intangible just wasted our precious time.

according to Microsoft patent description file, the new patent will put some “stealth” control buttons in mobile phone shielding box side, users touch the preset area, and through some gestures can activate the corresponding control buttons.

Microsoft’s new patent: the hidden control key releases screen space

, for example, when users open a browser, touch the border gestures an area can be reduced or enlarged images on the web browser. In search mode, touches the same invisible control key can be used to identify the need to search. In the process, Microsoft’s new patent will be in accordance with user requirements, from the browser mode switch to search mode automatically.

in addition, Microsoft’s new patent can also achieve invisible menu control. In browser mode, for example, interface and no visible control button or menu, when the user wants to select or control the content of the web browser application, can be in the mobile frame by default gestures, page appears on the corresponding menu option for user to choose from.

the new Microsoft patent can also make full use of its language assistant Cortana function. For example, the user can through the language instruction to activate the hidden control: we can against the Cortana says “change the operating mode”, “search pattern choice”, “action is A”, etc.

according to the patent document description, the patent can be applied not only to the Microsoft mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, also can be used on other equipment, such as configuration cameras or movement track interface, such as the Xbox game console, and even can be used in the smart TV.

source: tencent digital