Millet 360 routing, routing, routing cross ratio: come in, choose carefully

cloud network hunting on May 20,

after a long time testing and using, hunting cloud network selection finally completed, and the intelligent router series evaluation (in order of evaluation). Three what is good or bad? Exactly how to choose?

we Jivi hunting for everybody here today summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the three, make a horizontal comparison, you can directly read three papers evaluation, appraisal on its own.

routing extension most of software and hardware, and extremely wide choice

a routing can be said to be the ancestor of intelligent routing, as the first company to begin research and development of intelligent routing, routing defines the intelligent router is very standard. Current Jivi see all intelligent router based entirely on a routing framework set, any third-party plug-ins, network status, advanced Settings, basically just change the interface.

in respect of third party plug-ins, extremely routing platform at present can be said to be the biggest and the most perfect, of course, as the growth of the millet router sales, further improving the system, will extremely routing to direct resources in their own platform is obvious, but to the future of these plug-ins are universal. And this attract how long does it take to improve the process is uncertain.

as the earliest developing intelligent routing vendors, at present there are two generations of three mature technology of intelligent routing extremely extremely, extremely one S, two; Plus a wireless relay satellite. Products rich relative millet and 360 more mature, more important is: routing supply stability, easier snapped up more expensive (after all), the other one already don’t have to rob.

extremely one S with satellite (360 security routing conference, a reporter want accessories)

and millet with 360 products don’t know to get the date! Not to mention the millet mini router is still in beta.

so if everyone’s on system stability, third-party plug-ins, fast hands, a route is the best choice. Unless you are a huge fan of millet or 360, or lacking that dozens of dollars.

millet router Want to witness system upgrade magic into

millet router has a 1 t hard disk version (basic can’t rob), a mini version (still in beta, slowly, etc.). Mini version would say, wait a half year can buy good, hard disk version is hunting you said actually, here is the report to report.

system is still not enough stability and function of the original is the first point. Directly as a result of the millet router system is written on the hard disk, also added the NAS storage function, so the system compared with the other two router bit is not stable, and also give a person a kind of Stone Age on the function of feeling – the feeling of machine language haven’t done. But basis function for a bit of a digital sense can, small white don’t blending.

expand features enough is the second point. Although 1 t hard disk is one of the biggest features have been able to, but the status quo is he can’t count on the tall NAS storage, can only say that an advanced wireless external memory. And third-party plug-in routing, but extremely features than selfishly, but 360 visitors, health of simple and fun.

so, can only look forward to further upgrade. For don’t have to take care of their family feel technology enthusiasts, small rice vermicelli is worth having. The small white user even.

360 security routing fun safe I can try their luck

a do safe Internet users new hardware also make power over the past two years, what children’s bracelet, wireless WiFi, now finally do intelligent routing.

from the system stability and the product design can be seen that the 360 security routing project should have long project. Product details, fun to use doing really good, is the best in the three intelligent routing.

the system will update the firewall in a while, to the users themselves in the mobile client click update, so did the security.

but he didn’t have any third-party plug-ins, want to find a plug-in classmates can ignore this version of the product. But since the 360 classmates to products with the “firewall” plug-in “available” “health model”, such as plug-in mode after mature, 360 open plug-in platform also nothing important.

in the end, according to the conference, the meaning of Lao zhou, seem to also want to learn the scalpers and hunger of millet pattern… And now 178 w reservations, stock up only 1 w. so you can snap up to snap up? Can calculate, qualcomm plan supply is, after all, toothpaste, especially cannons back pressure for such a low price.