Millet: blame us copying apple, purely for the sake of grandstanding

yesterday released the fourth generation of millet millet company flagship mobile phones. Interestingly, many people are said to be either millet four so-called “art of steel plate”, or the booth, “One More Thing,” the speech style, all seems to be the best of copy apple capabilities. Even some net friend say, millet is “Copycat” (meekly imitators). For comments, new signing millet Google executive Hugo Barra unceremoniously retorted, “millet copying apple, is simply to grandstanding”.

during the conference, foreign technology media TheVerge in millet interviewed millet global business vice President Hugo Barra. In the interview, the executive clarified millet imitating apple to us some “misunderstanding”. He pointed out that he is tired of hearing bored irony millet copying apple’s remarks. Under Mr Barra, millet is a right from the start is not lack of innovation of enterprise. Said “they are not, so just had been haranguing the so-called millet copying apple says not to put!”

however, even if the millet really didn’t have to imitate apple, but millet in China seems to have not and apple. Millet founder lei jun fan (or competitor) praise (or sarcasm) as “Michael”; Ray released millet tablet, spoke to the compared with “detail” of their products; And yesterday’s conference, all these all seem to have a reason to think that millet consciously or unconsciously imitate the apple and its products.

“if you have two talented designers, they are likely to be on the same project gives the design of the” great minds think alike “prototype”, Hugo Barra said: “our goal is to create the best products for the user, millet can never copy apple, that’s it.”

for Michael whether copying its iconic speech style, Hugo Barra surprisingly frank said: “even so, we are not only an imitation of jobs, all over the world who is not copy Steve jobs and apple?”

in joining millet company a year later, the Google executive is helping millet actively expand overseas markets. Although in places like Indonesia and Brazil is not plain sailing, but millet growing into a worldwide mobile phone maker. “America is a competitive market, but we are willing to meet difficulties. One step at a time, a footprint of a country.” Hugo said Barra.