Millet hand ring behind: the external investment team, millet watch is yet to come

79 pieces of millet bracelet triggered a heated debate of the outside world, the personage inside course of study most view around the industry effects of millet bracelet. The bracelet itself but about millet, always feel there is something behind it, well, hunt cloud network editor jun to interpret millet bracelet itself.

millet bracelet from Allies

although this bracelet was named the millet, but in fact this is a branded product, oh, ShuiTie brand products is not entirely correct, because the development of meters have been millet millet bracelet manufacturer China investment (note that is not currently holding), also can say that this is a product from millet Allies.

so far, millet technology launched millet mobile phone, TV, router, pad is completed by millet own team, headphones, power supply these hardware product USES is the pattern of investment holding. This time, the millet bracelet broke the conventional, but with an open mind to absorb a third party to shorten development time, millet strategy change is worthy of the industry.

as for millet bracelet, industry executives said when and hunting cloud network communication, in addition to the simple features, bracelet will host millet more application scenario. “Millet bracelet only unlock the phone now, the future can unlock the TV and even unlock the door, lei jun’s idea must be made virtual id hand ring, through various occasions.” The executives also disclosed to hunt cloud network, millet is developing smart watches, still from China team.