Millet is wanda bus 】 【 director

hunting cloud network on August 5th message

the gossip had to send, science and technology circle was a wave of open something new, wanda group director sicong shelling millet.

millet technology officer to post the article weibo:

several nokia friend like millet to apply for a job. I also ask them, big N down is not a day for two days, why to go to looking for a new job? Their answer is essentially the same: “nokia! Treatment of foreign companies, high salary holidays more work less, basic need not work, so reluctant to go.” I can only say, sorry for these people, millet really didn’t have such a good job!

the microblogging has to wanda group director sicong (son of wanda group chairman wang jianlin) comments:

from millet to please the brain rot when employees can see this is what kind of enterprise. Millet plagiarism can copy the superiority? By hunger marketing and false data to cheat brain-dead, you in addition to a copy and Fried also? A looks for small success makes me more determined to do a m black.