Millet new users: only 20% is millet fans

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millet in 2011 published the first smartphone, but the fact that more and more in China, the rapid development of its popularity in the deep. Market research company Kantar, according to a report in January 2014 to may, samsung still with a 23% market share, locates the first. Followed closely by millet, with 21% of the smartphone market share, successfully from the hand of the apple won the second place. Compared with apple’s share is only 16%.

Kantar for 15000 individuals in the continuous research and analysis, to understand how they use their smart phones and tablets, and when to replace the old equipment which brands they buy.

Kantar, analysts found that although many function machine users start using smartphones helped millet sales growth, but for the development of millet was originally a user of smartphone users, in the first five months of this year, 70% of millet mobile phone consumers purchase is this type of user. 20% of the users are loyal little rice , they “never” to buy the new generations of millet mobile phone.

according to the report, millet in building brand value, and better user experience efforts began to pay off. On the basis of the user group of expanding, millet will get more fans.

although millet mobile phone sales growth to make up for a vacancy on the market, but may be due to the differences of product positioning, in China, it has a great influence on apple’s mobile phone sales has not. only about 5% of new millet users is one variation of iPhone users. In fact, most of the millet new users from samsung and other domestic brands – about 17% of new millet subscribers is samsung users, users were 21% of new millet huawei, zte, lenovo, cool users, 18% of new millet subscribers is nokia users.

analysis firm Flurry, according to a recent report millet users spend more time than on App Android devices or even apple. Similarly, Kantar, also analyzes the user dependence of each brand smartphones. It found that by the end of three months in May 2014, millet user degree of dependence on mobile phone is a bit lower than apple users, but in “online watch TV, stray, mobile shopping, navigation and positioning information” and so on more than the samsung users.

millet since and meet you, you are often accused of copying apple, especially after the release 4 meters, but also under discussion. But can’t deny that it is one of most Chinese consumers prefer Android smartphone.