Millet notebook “true” exposure: beautiful MIUI skin

in this paper, from the home of drive

millet rumors do laptop already has more than a year, at that time, a net friend made a millet laptop rendering, and then the fire, but not how long it will completely disappear. On July 22, the millet annual conference approached, the millet rumors notebook out, even appeared the real machine photos this time.

according to weibo user @ IT geek entertainment newspaper, millet notebook will carry i7 processors and 8 gb of memory, with 15 inches 1080 p screen, running Linux system, and equipped with specially designed for laptop users beautiful MIUI skin.

from the photos, it does have a silver millet Logo on laptop, and the top of the front panel seem to have a big camera, but the reality remains to be proven.

to be honest, do simple laptop than mobile phones and buy the mold, have to do is to find good OEM, but profit is almost impermeable, millet can really into this field? If the software can be extended to the field of PC business, is that there may be.