Millet: one year with upset the local market strategy, reverse the Indian market

in the eyes of millet company, India has keep up with the rhythm of the domestic demand for millet; And in the last quarter millet have exported 15 million smartphones, catch up with samsung and apple.

“in addition to China, India is the largest market in millet, one day will be like Chinese”, millet, vice President Hugo Barra, in bangalore, said in a telephone interview that “we are all into India”.

millet, chief executive of lei jun plan to realize the global sales of 100 million units next year, and move into India is just part of the plan. Recently, the millet launched a study of overseas Chinese nationals, and combined India seller last month to 13999 rupees ($229) in the sale price of millet 3.

so far, the headquarters is located in Beijing millet company has been to India three appliance merchant provides 35000 of millet, and is sold out in a few minutes. Has moved to the southern city of bangalore but still remote lead millet Barra, said the company obviously underestimated the demand of the Indian market, must also can increase the output.

at the interview, he said: “we still have to continue to work hard, but because of the upper limit of production, we can’t take immediate action”. Barra, however, declined to say how much money will go toward India hit millet company.

the market is very big, difficult

at the age of four millet is about to enter the market in India is such a: South Korea’s samsung, local manufacturer Micromax information co., LTD., as well as Karbonn Mobiles occupies the market share of 60% + wireless carriers not subsidise manufacturers + local Chinese are less familiar with millet.

Barra said that India’s mobile phone sales is largely driven by word of mouth, but the company in the original analysis of social media to evaluate demand, underestimate the local market’s interest in the millet: local more than 200000 people have registered to participate in the activities of sales.

in addition, the company also plans to 10 new markets, including Brazil and Russia, sale millet. Although the company has been in Singapore and China Taiwan region set up their own online sales platform, but they found that, due to the local Indian logistics infrastructure of the poor means and collection, sales is much more difficult.

but Barra said: “we have confidence in the Indian market, the future it will counter attack completely realize the local operating and create a local brand. But company must speed up the pace “.

according to research firm Canalys investigation statistics, the first quarter of this year’s smartphone shipments in India at around 13.5 million.

spending money on where there is life, there is more than

millet with equipped with high-end features of low-cost mobile phone in the domestic reputation. 3 alone millet, cool high definition screen, a 13000000 megapixel camera and qualcomm Xiao dragon processor configurations are more eye-catching, but sells for less than a third of the iPhone 5 s.

Canalys survey also showed that last month millet surpass samsung has become China’s smartphone market sales of the first companies; And market research firm IDC report shows, millet company is currently in the global smartphone manufacturers ranked sixth.

Barra before joining millet company, was the company operating the Android system abroad, vice President of product management. Barra for millet with this system in the company within the Android team is ming-xing zhang face (cloud editor jun: hunting each year on the Google I/O of Hugo’s first appear will show the world the latest Android features; But the face of the President of the world have a handsome is easy) stealing the show. He said: “in the foreseeable future, I will always accompany in bangalore millet”.

millet company plans for about 20 employees in India, including some of the end of the year will be stationed service center. Company will also signed a contract with other companies to establish another 34 service center, hire software developers to designed with the user’s habits in application development.

Barra said: “our product is unique for India. Unique packaging, unique label, and even mobile phone software is also unique.”

Source: Bloomberg