Millet opponent! Sichuan 100 – inch television sells for less than 5 k

according to reports coming from the source, a sichuan company will be listed in the near future a mega smart TV display size more than 100 inches, and terminal retail price will control within 5000 yuan, at the latest by the end of may.

according to hunt cloud network editor, the LCD panel used in LCD TV (the first large-scale application in liquid crystal display), cost limits due to limited by LCD screen, screen LCD TV costs high. Even today, the common price of 60 inch LCD TV are all within 6000 yuan.

traditional Internet companies to smart TV into TV field, the price of TV barriers to relatively loose, such as music depending on the price is in 5000 yuan of less than 60 inch super TV, but its 70 inch super TV price is 8999 yuan.

foreign brand large size of the smart TV’s price is more expensive, luxury, such as samsung 85 inch LED smart TV to sell 220000, philips 84 inch smart TV to sell 140000, LG84 inch smart TV price nearly 120000.

even domestic screen TV, its price is quite expensive, such as skyworth, a 84 – inch 4 k TV retail price 95999 yuan, TCL, a 75 – inch smart TV price is nearly 50000 yuan.

as mentioned above, more than 100 inches display screen, within 5000 yuan of sales price, if it really can realize, we will have to admit that the tesla came, in the field of smart TV now scenery infinite Letv millet will usher in the most disruptive competitor.

it is well known that sichuan’s most famous TV producer is the red sun “changhong”, but hunt cloud network editing circle well-informed personage to a lot of home appliance, has been about changhong will produce 100 inches above any smart TV news, more long-term focus on people in the field of home appliance to hunt cloud network, said: “with the cost of less than 5000 RMB to build more than 100 inches of smart TV, it was impossible, at least now I can’t think out!! “

cloud network hunting speculation, can use 5000 yuan of less than the cost to build 100 inches large TV: one is that there will be a landmark television technology revolution, let domestic TV enter households with a low price; One is the innovation of the screen, plasma and LCD TV leather like ever killed the traditional CRT, will impact the LCD has formed new screen innovation advantage.

however, hunting cloud network will be in the first place, brings to the readers the latest news.