Millet or overhaul will have their own product line of high-end line

cloud network hunting on May 30,

oddly, m 3 s until now hasn’t come yet, but we won’t have the youth version, but suddenly see millet several officials recently to send weibo collective in for “from the android client”, want to m 3 s is not far off.

as a result of 64 android, 4 g m 3 basically is a work product, and for 4 m this year the release date of each have each reading. But for a their core product, how can release date would say big change is big?

so we view is hunting, m 4 will also be at the end of July to early September release this range, and even may not be issued before August. And in the flagship missing months, millet what should I do?

the answer only install new product line.

to cover more users demand, millet will expand their product line

there are “millet” millet “red rice” two big division brand product line, including millet brands sold in rice under 2 s, 3 two meters product, scored the size screen two kinds of user requirements. M 3 soon upgrade to m 3 s, but m 2 s will be how to deal with?

let it fade away? The small screen to the user how to meet? So m 2 series of products will have a new upgrade version, millet is seasonable to elaborate it as the new product line, in order to satisfy people’s demand for mini. About 2 m series is the latest upgrade edition, many senior figures in the supply chain has already been given to determine information.

and when will this mini series push it? What kind of gimmick to promote? There are two possible: first, the recent upgrade the scheme of m 2 s for Xiao dragon 800 and launch a sapphire cover version of the high-end phones; Second, launched after 4 meters qualcomm 64 dual core solution, parallel launching a sapphire cover version of the same high-end mobile phones.

someone will ask: high-end machine it is necessary to push the sapphire version? Hunting you said the answer is necessary! Because sapphire cover plate interference with touch screen is very small, can make the touch screen can detect more data, more sensitive.

becomes more sensitive significance is that we can make the phone’s screen into a fingerprint recognizer, this is a smart phone in one direction in the future. And use a mini for sapphire cover mobile phone is the most sensible move, also did not use sapphire version will also get a special coating to near the performance of the sapphire version now has this kind of coating after all.

millet will catch in the front with the sapphire apples? We think hunting is likely, after all, the reputation of the first to eat crab is considerable, also don’t have to compete head-on with 4 meters. And after using the sapphire doesn’t have to achieve fingerprint identification function, but also just released not early than apple’s first shipment.

from the ray from the booth before the visit to sichuan changhong can also see that some of you know but Chinese optical research base in sichuan province.

the other meters 3 s will be how to do? This is really really can’t say. Add do not add the fingerprint recognizer? Similar to the apple pro category? The present state of the industrial chain of too complicated, difficult to assess, android hardware fingerprint identification has just launched, it is said that energy is produced in June. Millet can first to eat?

millet will give you a beautiful appearance, with fingerprint identification m 3 s?? M the upgrade version of 2 s and m 3 s will release together? You said really cowardly hunting oversold.

anyway, not far from the m 3 s release, waiting to see how millet.

don’t think millet only do online, the ratio of high-end, offline speaking to

ray booth around bragging about their high cost performance, “the Internet model” of online sales, if you just stubbornly Michael “the Internet model” is cost-effective and electrical business channels, thought he denied offline with high-end.

do you think so is too look down upon the fickle Internet, the Internet seriously curing. Millet have done sufficient preparation, enough to enter the high-end and offline. Sapphire version of m 2 s upgrade is millet into high-end and the beginning of the line.

sapphire technology, after all, is an experimental technology, but also for more people care about price, they are more inclined to choose coating version of the mobile phone. Sapphire on technical necessity, market cycle can be replaced by the coating technology.

a big part of people may not have real sapphire contact phone, new can replace the sapphire coating process. So the sapphire is basically a high-end representative.

cost of millet could not conceited, basically can determine the sapphire version of millet mobile phone can run directly to 64 g, price 3000 last time.

and to echo relatively high-end crowd, millet will provide the prototype experience in “home” of millet, auxiliary order service staff, then the official “turn a blind eye”, under the condition of the house of millet directly with inventory, direct sales.

there can you people? Then there will be a group of people to say: “this is a smart move, along with people before propaganda no conflict” and so on.

maybe this is the Internet mode the real face, it is right or wrong? Is interest. Have everyone can understand the concept of line.

this is millet growing will be done on the road, perhaps Michael will consider a problem: my brand value is not worth so much money? And then in the conversion to how so much money.

is sure to have a large proportion of people on the analysis of the hunting you, millet and very trust will not how, even if how to also can give a solution. But we want to express is hunting: when does future millet, millet you chase people for many years, hope you ability of analysis on the objective and rational have a raise, perceptual, need rational, where you need to always have a growth. Don’t just take people’s words as promised.

a breach of promise, no matter how light is violated, should be that the promise was basically a cover, not the other meaning on this matter.