Millet router evaluation system is not stable, small white

cloud network hunting on May 15,

the occurrence of millet router that industry, is the real upset? Makes little sense to the market? A concept of product? Believe that tight cut on his readers have their own points of view.

today cloud network hunting after trial for nearly a month, to bring us a detailed evaluation.

sample appreciate

tall slender body, a. frosted effect, plus threaded big hat to his head with a black acrylic adhesive. It feels very comfortable, is not easy to clean after the dust.

not clean image, as well as a sample of after cleaning, “mi” logo in the middle of the basically can’t clean up, or the clean up the dirty.

even if use tape, instead will increase other sticky dirt…

more pictures, millet routers can move to the cloud network hunting

millet router compared with 360 security router.

the material processing about the same, but in 360 the frosted effect of light, there are certain reflective effect. But the overall appearance of the two processing is difficult to satisfactory. – whether you need to clean clean, still feel paste with a layer of mud on them.

in the work, because of millet router ventilation used the card buckle docking, picked up a little shake obviously. 360, the design of the duck mouth big lips closed lax, has the certain gap. Don’t believe that excessive production machine can be improved.

but millet router cooling fan did not let a person feel, almost without any sound. Only when you go to sleep at night, his ears sensitive person, just can have slightly. And there is no ventilation and 360 security routing, but in use, fever is reached the degree of millet mobile phone only, for the router, can be ignored.

system review


after the computer connection millet router (cable connection) will automatically open the browser, jump out of the interface. Then set the wifi account, password, binding millet account is ok.

the global interface. The function of millet router here classification be clear at a glance.

routing is set in all functions, all functions. No difference with other intelligent router.

for the small white users, including almost all parameters do not have to make changes.

you can also refer to hunt for smart router granddaddy — before cloud network.

here looking for system upgrade.

extensions here. Tip: want to see, use extensions, millet account must be binding.

in addition, in terms of number of extensions, only more than a few, are much less than a routing.

and then, the interface is unable to access 1 t drive, can’t remote download, if you want to achieve these functions, you must download computer or mobile phone client.

the client computer look like this. Can directly replace the browser own download.

computer client can function.

the other is the computer the client has been placed on the front screen, as long as you turn it on, is always in front of you. In addition to some of the applications of also can set the screen front.

after the installation client open the millet router, my computer interface will be a “millet router dish” icon, double-click finally can enter 1 t drive.

or you can click directly on the client the lower-left corner of the document icon, also can be directly into 1 t drive.

upload copy files directly.

phone end

new version of the mobile terminal millet router must bind millet account. Cell phone terminal app automatically check for updates is the first thing after mobile client app, if you don’t update the new version, cannot use.

main interface will look like this, before is completely fit millet traditional style, completely is apple’s flat style at present. Don’t beautiful MIUI v6 will look like?

from left and right side slip, download, set the home page. Advanced Settings almost covers all computers can do and cannot do.

millet really attaches great importance to the computer and the mobile client!

plugins center prone to bugs, connected data, visual inspection is the server problem.

smart scenarios for future smart home made a very good bedding. As shown in figure is intelligent setting process.

mobile terminal access 1 t drive, music, video, can be directly to watch. But video download third party players to play, the local video player don’t connect with each other.

this set is a little confusing, the follow-up to promote their player??

in addition if far away from the router, on to the second floor, for example, video playback can appear caton, especially when drag and drop. But in the latest update, the play of caton problem have good solution.

signal strength

images as the signal strength analysis, including lieyunwang – B497 for millet router wifi signal, signal security routing lieyunwang – 360 to 360.

around on the left as a router signal test, two routers in the same position, are at the wall model. Right for after two walls in the second floor of the diagonal signal test, external conditions are the same.

from the point of specific value and wave graph, the two routers signal well. The millet router is slightly better than the performance of the 360 security routing, however.

product stability

Jivi used extremely routing, millet routers, 360 security router, the route with the longest time, back and forth a few months time, 360 router, millet router are also took time to time. Millet router is arguably the most unstable.

beginning with millet router, to restart at least twice a day, or you can’t even get to the Internet, although looks wifi signal is connected, but there is no data transfer. In the other two routers, is not seen.

in the latest system updates, however, the situation has improved, in nearly three weeks later the situation appears only once.

but millet router, after all, is to add the hard drive, and the whole system on the hard disk. So, imagine your PC, and millet so far stable, has been very good.


the basis of millet router function optimization is good, but it is still at the stage of optimization based system, there’s no bright eye features. Of course with millet to its further upgrade system optimization, or let the person quite looking forward to.

the millet router is not suitable for the mass population to use, especially the small white users. The instability of the system and upgrade for the small white what all don’t understand, there are a lot of learning burden. Of course to expect router with millet growing digital lovers together, already can use don’t have to worry about basic problems.

in the form a complete set of software use, is basically sell their various clients to sell in the naked, of course for reasons of safety facilities, too.