Millet show bottom spirit, meizu routines

on June 16, hunting cloud network

millet is not card early not late in the morning at ten o ‘clock of archives mouths, announced 3 1499 yuan spot summer promotion. In four days ago, meizu has just been introduced 6.16-6.20 four-day “meizu promote 618” activities, during the event can be Tmall meizu official flagship store for 200 + 100 + 50 + 20 yuan coupon, reduced down the meizu MX3 price is 1499.

millet “just” bumped head again, Calder meizu blood again.

but this time is obviously there are many subtle change, is “people or the people, the feeling is not the former love”.

Michael started strong, angry?

Michael weibo style recently there have been great changes significantly, in addition to “idea” and more than big eye support each comment on tablet market jiangshan, on the other hand is Michael put out no injustice and KuQiang taste, becomes a lot of natural and unrestrained bold. Almost each post with “!” At the end. Impressive!

in turn review on the latest news about m 3 price cut, its toughness is unprecedented!

some people would say you said about the hunt, it’s just the somebody else by accident a few mood, need it to be so nervous sensitive? But believe that knowing the microblogging marketing students, little attention to look at, you will find ray booth all the weibo, impartial all concentrated in the traffic peak time.

but think millet foreign propaganda: Michael, by the careful caution to even the millet in each micro blog, should be reported to their audit. Michael own weibo, of course, is not just one, or even what secretary ready ahead of schedule has been reviewed, or send yourself to make a question mark.

what millet from which come of style, can let oneself start brave survive not to cry?

first: the market is good.

Electric business phone model pioneered by the

millet plus careful brand marketing plan, make oneself in each market channels are taken for granted, more and more people are willing to increase the price for millet mobile phone, brand value, rapidly to the point of not afraid of scold. Are sold to the United States right away!

millet each product line, new product (smart TV, intelligent routing) positive progress, widely accepted by market, incipient giant market status.

in the Internet hardware market almost appeared “if millet also to do, what would you do” question of entrepreneurs.

The second:

already secure supply chain.

millet full stroke along the upstream of the supply chain relationship, qualcomm, mediatek chased by different kinds of key components manufacturers, the quasi dynamic on the policy.

new products need not restricted by industry giants – routers use broadcom solutions, TV with the morning star, qualcomm also dare not reply.

special example room in the smart home, real estate policy direction, the core components technical, millet with deep, ally level of partners, to market strategy has made remarkable achievements in technology. Finally can let miss dong big respect!

millet cow X!

3: millet month of service point goes well?

this is the most worthy of millet pride in three point. Much-maligned millet after-sales problem, in product sales to turn a light period held the grand success!

to punish the X than business call customer service MM, after-sales GG is taught in three minutes, “this situation appear again points which do not have a thing?” The tutorial. After efficiency reached an unprecedented height, this is a historic victory stationed!

don’t back to hunt you those big officer killed people, because you never know for after 3 GG with my meters when the microphone is good, when I take a taxi back half an hour after the microphone puma again what is going on. I don’t understand.

meizu marketing gradually started, started to present their own style

since the birth of millet, meizu is beaten black and blue image by millet, wong tai sin angry screaming crying everywhere still linger in our ears, did not go far! Go away. Well.. Far away…

but experienced the pain of thought first, taste after hu’s taste by millet, meizu’s marketing tool is finally obtained the quality improving, styled himself out of the different road, catch up with the millet in the age of 1 s level.

from the point of view of the latest marketing campaign, meizu can finally stood up and said: “we finally not afraid millet cut hu!”

the meizu mobile phones feature is process design is very good, in fact higher than millet and there’s nothing wrong with hundreds of dollars, but big fairy to: to catch up with the millet. More than millet! To beat millet!

so the meizu himself did not calm, all aimed at millet, run out of idea, hope between distributors and users of little dream to be a powerful compromise. But in the end several times were Michael slap the whole miserably.

but after several rounds, meizu have learned T clever code first to buy cat snapping up) (for days, coupons combination, set limit to snap up at a lower price, no single, the hour products differentiation and so on to meet the user followed, at the same time, do not stimulate the old users psychological strategy.

in terms of marketing, there is no rough spell able and straightforward, it’s much easier to millet easily overlooked by the user, but have their own style, in some ways it is easier to get the user trust, for example: the hour free of charge is more secure than forwarding draw.

the meizu brave survive don’t cry, stand up lol!

you hunting for millet or a word: now that can cut back for MAO didn’t reduce the price? For meizu hunting you mean is: do your flyme ecological well first!