Millet very m television on sale is screen versus not on the same screen

on May 15, is doomed to be a science and technology circle extraordinary day, this day is the festival of countless rice noodles, because the millet will be held in Beijing national convention center millet launch in 2014, and the meeting have intention to not intentional of fact also showed that the millet will most likely start called “MiPad” millet television generation 2 tablets, millet and millet 3 s legend a long time.

double “m” bloom 515

compared with past millet conference public opinion environment, millet the face of the phone itself is now much smaller, because it has really grown into formidable giant. Even most of the rice noodles are convinced that: lei jun will win the bet with gree strongman dong mingzhu, even in less than five years.

maybe lei jun can win the bet with dong mingzhu, millet mobile phone also harvest a lot of praise, even has not yet been born “MiPad” highly anticipated, but this does not seem to be enveloped in millet TV all aura.

of course, compared with the mobile phone and Pad grip in the palm, millet TV does not have a breakthrough innovation, television hardly encourages rice surge of passion. And, in many people’s eyes, the television has become a old man, children and women to see things, in the eyes of the young rice noodles, television sets and refrigerators, air conditioners, is just a decoration, a piece of furniture.

television must be such a form?

before the iPhone 5 launch, there is a cool video of the holographic projection, let people full of expectations. People exclaim, expectation and didn’t see the products available, but there are a group of young people, and put the concept into reality.

at 12 o ‘clock today, there is a “m” is no screen super TV will sell 2000 engineering machine, and m bookings without super TV screen has more than 200000 people, the brand new appearance, not only name with millet very much alike, the technique of the products listed and caused the attention in the industry, also like August 16, 2011, millet mobile phone 1 generation listed.

unlike ordinary smart TV, m positioning is no super TV screen. Very m technology CEO Zhong Bo thinks the future of TV don’t need the screen! Because now small meters can already cast, 30-300 – inch screen display effect is comparable to the top of high-definition television, 3 d image quality is amazing. At the same time, m small stature is very portable, as long as you have a white wall, you can enjoy the private theater experience in general. Geek park CEO zhang peng said, this is the young man’s TV, young people may need to often move, is not suitable for the traditional TV, very inconvenient.

why very m no super screen TV has attracted so much attention, the author compared the traditional TV market, more than 80 inches size screen smart TV price is in 100000 yuan of above, but extremely meters without screen super TV retail price is 2999 yuan only, for its fraction, but can realize the dream of young people at the center of home entertainment, watching the action, watch the World Cup, watch the NBA, playing a game.

200000 bookings, for such a product, not much.

screen without screen the confrontation would lead smart TV industry

a meters without screen TV manufacturers is not the first to research and development, it is not the first to screen television flag-waving, even to a secret, it has been as intelligent projection area, just meet on April 24, the media on the first claim to be “no super TV screen”.

in many household appliances bosses, hisense zhou houjian, chairman of the is one of the largest drummer no screen TV: “the future of the no screen laser display will be at great cost, weight and power consumption advantage acceptable to consumers, eventually replace flat-panel display”, Zhou Houjian prediction.

but hisense no screen TV product release until the second quarter of this year, in the third quarter to mass production, and extremely meters without screen super TV just Yu Haixin early months no screen TV screens.

in meters, CEO of science and technology, laser projection either technology or meters using LED DLP projection technology, now in brings to the consumer experience is more than the existing liquid crystal, the screen size, mobile to receive a convenience, energy saving, environmental protection, such as it does not hurt the eye above indicators, breakthrough gives everyone a better experience. Especially m no super TV screen, body movement is Internet smart TV decoding scheme, on the big screen graphics processing, very m traditional TV screens image processing engine with the latest LED DLP projection technology integration. Not only solved the projection boundary life is short, the problem of large calorific value, also has been a breakthrough in terms of brightness and quality improvement. , according to the CEO very m meters and Texas instruments on the algorithm of joint research and development, quality of meters r&d team from MSTAR TV chip company, to include millet, Letv all domestic TV manufacturers, including technical guidance, far better than the traditional television research thorough, the technology does not fear any opponent.

aside that better technology, in the field of smart TV, traditional TV mogul overshadowed by millet Letv this group came together with “Internet thinking do TV” layman will steal: they than Letv, millet smart TV earlier research and development, has a strong technical accumulation, but in the end, or simply follow behind Letv, millet to learn the Internet game, got up in the early morning to catch a late is set. But as the traditional manufacturers, accumulation of past coupled with breakthrough thinking framework of innovation design, could end up back on television, after all, bring good experience to the user, a breakthrough innovation products is the most real.

in fact, millet, happy, very flash waist meters are not only domestic flat-panel TV giants, Japanese and Korean producers are no exception.

years living in Japan’s Tokyo popular newsletter editor have fun doing it at work in the reporters, editors, after more than 20 years, there is a feeling particularly strong: the Internet has changed everything, led for several years or even decades, Japan and South Korea, in the field of consumer electronics, are gradually being China catch up with and even surpass, such as millet mobile phone, such as meters without super TV screen, are products of innovation and integration, in this regard, Japan and South Korea are seems to be more comply with the traditional.

home, being happy, millet and other new Internet power after a low back, the traditional flat TV manufacturers began to look for “thinking” the Internet to do TV, skyworth cool open is a good attempt.

from the point of competition at the present stage, because the Letv, millet challenged traditional set out from the Internet, more and more of the combination of software and hardware product accumulation is a traditional flat TV producers don’t have, picked up by the makers of conventional weapons is constantly launch a price war.

and then, the erosion of traditional home appliance retail channel in front of the electronic commerce today, most traditional home appliance profits by channel erosion, channel costs than the Letv light, millet and rice of this kind of Internet company is higher, more and more severe price competition in the aborted its own hardware products at the same time, obviously the price war is not one of the most preferences.

in addition, as the very m no super TV screen, in the field of competition has from the smart TV PK to shift without screen duel with screen TV, and each time the transformation of the means huge costs, and brand strategy.

the message display, in a very meters without screen super TV launch even earlier in the day, including music, millet, TCL, many smart TV players already know no screen and focus on TV, maybe next time millet product launch, will see the figure of millet no screen TV.