Millet was turned against promises partners said it industry “locusts”

cloud network hunting note: millet router has launched a period of time, millet and the concept of smart home, why millet moves so fast? In addition to high millet company execution, partners. As millet once partner Broadlink now for millet is full of anger, the CEO at millet company promises, “millet is locusts, go to a line to destroy a line”.

the author: Li Kun

the router is regarded as millet layout is the important measure of smart home, millet routing for the third time is the theme of the public beta “smart home”. Careful users may find millet routing within the third beta packaging put a Broadlink
RM – home intelligent remote control, and by the retail version of the provided by Broadlink gadgets are gone, you know what’s the story behind this? Broadlink CEO Liu Zongru told me why.

Millet by Broadlink into intelligent household

“millet will launch intelligent socket and intelligent remote control.” Liu Zongru when say this sentence to me quite helpless, few months ago, Broadlink or millet’s closest partners, even help millet into the field of smart home.
In most people, the concept of Broadlink is still a start-up, and millet are already big market capitalisation of $30 billion, said Broadlink help millet into intelligent household sector seems to be some let a person feel is to help Broadlink face.

Broadlink into areas of smart home is actually in May 2013, and millet routing demo hit “smart home” theme for the third time was in April 2014, after a year of development, Broadlink has changed from a single smart devices into do intelligent household whole solution, and the mainstream router manufacturers are not only by the cooperation and also established the cooperation and more than 70 home appliance manufacturers, has become an important link, routed to the home appliance of millet relied on Broadlink into areas of smart home is one of the most energy saving scheme.

Liu Zongru revealed that in the early Broadlink create millet had found him, but then failed to make a cooperation, launched by millet millet routing found him again, after the two sides began to close cooperation. Talk about the cooperation, Liu Zongru regrets ground say, “we are no reservations,” it is understood that open to the millet Broadlink underlying code base, and send technical personnel in the millet, assist the millet in routers and peripherals connect tuning. The final result, millet relied on router successfully built into the image of the smart home.

turn: millet brand “Broadlink” upcoming

due to the limited volume, and millet cooperation even Liu Zongru think caused their own product research and development lags behind, but Liu Zongru thought it was worth it. At Liu Zongru is most concerned about two things: one is technology leaks, 2 it is to be millet bargain, millet, co-founder of kk wong promised Liu Zongru, millet Broadlink certainly won’t do this kind of product, moreover millet mall product pricing by a third party, the millet is not involved.

the end result is the cooperation between the two sides agreed, millet routing for the third time open beta with the theme of “smart home”, and in a large wooden box packaging into a Broadlink

the RM – home intelligent remote control. If to double weibo will find at that time, the net friend to Broadlink recognition is far higher than that of millet routing, think millet so-called smart home rely on all Broadlink, actually Broadlink and any routing can match, implementation of smart home and millet also didn’t have anything to do. Introducing Broadlink layout and view, millet intelligent household is a good thing, open mentality can do big intelligent household.
The plot is plummet, millet routing side take out Broadlink during launch, he began to do intelligent socket on the other side, such as remote control and Broadlink similar products.

“millet is locust, a line to destroy a line”

“millet is locust, a line to destroy a line!” In talking about millet forthcoming and Broadlink similar products, Liu Zongru is indignantly. In Liu Zongru view, no exaggeration to say that the practice of millet is put all things, the last achievements themselves, this is damage to the ecological approach, the whole production chain, supply chain is millet.

similarly, gree chairman dong mingzhu, also at the end of last year China economic annual figure also on the selection of awards, lei jun, lack of win-win spirit accused millet millet is not recognized at the time, think of dong mingzhu accused because they did not understand the millet pattern. If dong mingzhu because in traditional enterprises, accused of millet can be considered as thinking about the Internet do not understand, so Liu Zongru Broadlink from a single product in one year time to make smart home platform, completely is the so-called “Internet thinking”, relying on his accused of millet seems to be worth thinking about.

, according to

Liu Zongru Broadlink also do passing by, has come to finished product stage, but in order to and router manufacturers close cooperation, active stopped router project, in cooperation with millet also told myself when the router project. But as ever close partner, millet clearly has no plans to do so.

it is said that in order to cooperate with millet routing for the third time open beta, Broadlink free provides 1000 sets of intelligent remote control, make the millet routing, the name of “smart home” Liu Zongru admits 1000 sets of intelligent remote control pressure for him. Is willing to pay so much early Liu Zongru considered millet described the cooperation prospect of too good, he also revealed that for millet 2 TV contract external speakers company cooperation is the same reason and millet, the quantity of millet TV now 2 doesn’t go up, contract ACTS increase manpower, suffering.

let Broadlink indignation is not cheap, but fake

the intelligence of the current domestic bracelet is generally sold to hundreds of yuan, while millet bracelet for 79 yuan, the personage inside course of study on the eve of millet hand ring out for smart bracelets are analyzed, and the cost of that bracelet cost less than 50 yuan, domestic intelligence bracelet is huge profits. The cost analysis of the timing of the release is so perfect, without doubt is paving the way for millet bracelet to launch, but the cost analysis obtained the general recognition of the industry.

Liu Zongru said startups and millet, millet is the giant market capitalisation of $30 billion, have a plenty of money to burn, startup products without profit it will be difficult to continuous innovation, profits, of course, don’t have to be as high as bracelets, normal business practices should be supported. Liu Zongru also said Broadlink pursue is common smart home, intelligent electrical outlet in jingdong sell 179 yuan, intelligent remote control in jingdong sell 119 yuan, the price is not expensive.

actually, let Liu Zongru indignation not millet to sell at a low price, but the “super” shanzhai “. Liu Zongru thinks, millet mobile phone first generation product, material is the best, the price is the lowest, let a person not from get thumb up, but the later is more stale, especially red rice after launch, millet products began to slowly become only a low price, even through cooperation partner “copy” products. Liu Zongru think millet and Broadlink cooperation is so so, not only copy the Broadlink individual products, and even copy Broadlink do chip solutions platform.

Commitment and cooperation, and by being copied by hatred, the time is not long conversations, Liu Zongru shows emotions more frustration and anger, but when it comes to the coming competition, Liu Zongru said not scared of it, on the one hand Broadlink idea is the data of the cloud, also support and cooperation will data in the local router manufacturers, the root of this architecture is not dependent on local equipment, although many cooperation for the millet is not dependent, on the other hand Liu Zongru thought has also a certain style and millet Broadlink compete on price.
Price is just for Broadlink is helpless, Liu Zongru talked about, as a giant, in start-up companies and cooperation should be bear the bottom line is, Google, apple is worth reference sample.
Lenovo has also recently launched the NBD platform for Internet plan, and the third party entrepreneurial team introduced intelligent hardware and intelligent home products, after the meeting I asked senior vice President of lenovo group, China and emerging markets in Asia Pacific President Chen a problem, how to reassure partners, let them worry that lenovo will not copy their ideas? Kyokuto tell me, the router in the project of science and technology the main effort do system and software, lenovo do hardware, glasses and purifier project Vuzix and LUFTMED master do hardware, software, lenovo is the main do partner, lenovo will not do. Liu Zongru speaking, I saw on millet in lenovo here haven’t nothing to see.

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