millet Wash white fake famous brand road

hunting cloud network on April 14,

, watching the season going to the front of the , this year 3 meters of this off-season promotion may never come. On April 8, and section of rice noodles, mass ratio of’t get cell phone, or sold out.

a flock of people packed into the millet BBS, the official weibo, LeiJunWei, maintain the formation, bristle planted. Even if 120 w or less than.

it doesn’t seem that millet mobile phone really sorrow pin, has no need to rush “youth version” sales.

these for millet are commonplace, not for surprise. Magical place here.

the first: no matter how he and competitors put goods, millet is still difficult to rob, unless Michael tell you don’t have to rob, really don’t have to rob.

2: no matter how difficult to rob, total there are flocking, enough people into buying component, while the other competing goods are significantly affected by the market and appear to snap up swings.

the third: the same or higher ratio of competing goods, the price of cattle, resale value is much lower than millet a class.

4: data to a third party, and according to the inventory risk analysis, millet did supply so many goods, do not because of the bad stock up on purpose.

marketing model and product hardware technology enthusiasts widely criticized, and a large number of higher cost performance and competing goods, the final price user killing himself with millet, millet for MAO also so fire?

means only millet target population is not cost-effective users. Millet has become a famous brand!

there was a time when people scoff at such an excessive hunger product, don’t think this is funny money people, only know money to play. And then look at now, many users began to no longer tube he high performance-to-price ratio is not high, as long as the feeling product acceptance, price to buy!

we old zhai hunting still clearly remember the m 1 s comes out, a friend want to buy mobile phones, help to recommend the millet. The other party one leng, then said, “what is that cheating, again don’t cheap! A disgrace.” And the launch of three meters, the friend you want to change mobile phone, you said chastened, hunting to recommend MX3 directly. Finally the special run meizu store, after having seen the phone think mobile phone is too round, or spend 400 on the net, bought 3 meters.

the old zhai asked its reason, answer: systems do very beautiful, is also pretty true!

here must have: ha ha! Believe it or not, no matter how many in the industry for its hardware, so it happened!

millet into a famous brand. We all the way from the millet development point of view, I think it does have many painstakingly, step by step.

shout break throat from the start to tell you that my this thing very high-end! And make it broke phones this TV shopping unsightly. Many people have very bad feeling, but let more people see the price of the madness.

BBS, outer packaging, then began to attack high-end fan, all kinds of beautiful pictures, all kinds of notes, write one hardware evaluation and experience with the prose, JiaoChen, cold ao style was doing rigorous review! ? But for got the ratio of the user’s favor, made hard for its social propaganda.

(hunting cloud network in the article, a detailed description about the situation before)

the packing of the second is the company management, joint founding candidate to say anything, what a person on a pot of millet congee each breath, have someone who is good at technology and so on, also dig down his face had a rabbit.

early talk about their ecology, and from time to time in the apple, dressed like Steve jobs and Michael what others joking, or to promote yourself?

jobs blown rotten, science and technology circles concern the legend of just a few article bezos, began to lead people to blow, amazon do analogy with amazon again. Many years, let alone myself in jinshan and kau pak kwan goodbye after saw a such as the wind to the wonderland of pigs that story. Michael became like characters in wuxia novels legend, but is always feel a bit uncomfortable.

the final blow to the content of the more and more, enough river complained of a few hours later, began to enter the CCTV television advertising. Began to talk about the people, make live to learn to use the image, and tell us where fortune is the thought of a few decades ago for today, don’t know how touched by the woman.

the last state leaders met, so all the rural backyard Boyle began to crush. Juvenile genius, white-collar boil into a boss for many years, and stage a comeback, with President hand, worked in the new generation, let his son have convinced…

in the end, several micro film, a CCTV advertising, bunkers. Can you tell me about “fort” what meaning be? Is call names? Is in dongguan? (hey hey)

millet brand has been established, the brand has appeared at a premium. Said fans fans not an exaggeration, in fact, the most people would think he is a famous brand!

we old zhai hunting here prediction for now, the future (that) at the beginning of millet is bound to set up entity shop, to join the offline logistics costs in the offline sales products, and online sales will continue quantitative snapping up every week, to supply cost-effective users, curb scalpers.

about snapping up, old zhai also want to mention is that 12306 is simply to keep up his spine said: “there will be even worse than I do!” Train ticket to grab two still can get the truth!

as snapping up line of logic, the user should not click snapped up at a time, you should line up, confirm that I can get the phone. For MAO also takes a few seconds to rob? A few minutes time, letting a person who exactly is a waste of time?

done two years of snapping up system, and so a lot of packet loss phenomenon, what is out of question. Don’t say technical strength is insufficient, play as a technology company.