MIUI6 far from innovation Save m talking more

cloud network hunting note: millet MIUI6 will be officially released this month 16th, hunting cloud network readers submit comments that MIUI6 so-called six innovation is also not enough, at best, can only be called optimization, and by MIUI6 “rescue” m talking about action is useless.

millet executives fung hung, to launch millet MIUI6 will be on the 16th of this month, but the so-called six big innovation is also not enough, at best, can only be called optimization, not pr draft as “exciting”. Thunder booth open he was recently said, not black ink ye, only talk about in the “innovation” has been hailed as the three core product of rice.

in the new ROM window, it is said that beautiful MIUI 6 text function will talk to m depth integration, voice, text, images, and geographic location. Here have to praise the millet public relations ability, the rescue m chat, became the new ROM innovation, also build on the boat, now the hottest network communication concept can’t say that is not good.

in order to add some popular chat for rice, millet also talked about “beautiful MIUI 6 also support ‘network SMS invitation’ function, at the time of friends not to open data connection, the user can send a common message invited to open data connection, which is realized in the subsequent chat network message” – this is not a 7, 8 years ago China mobile pushed the fetion way? Even is great innovation by deduction, elder brother, you are so fool me, I the whole people become good.

over the years, m chat growing Numbers of users and user activity are very ideal, some say the emergence of strategic lost, some say WeChat in ink ye’s view, the defeat of meters chat may have been doomed from birth day —

IM is the only won’t appear the second peak in the field of Internet product form, this is reflected in the era of mobile Internet is impressed, the situation in the field of electricity, in the search field is not so obvious. It’s like home and malls, shopping you can go to carrefour, wal-mart can also go to, but you have to do to go home, because his wife and children meet you there, business guide in super miss you sleep try, don’t take out your ya son. IM depends on social relationship building, and other form of business is a typical application requirements and build logic, and an application change habits and overthrow the difficulty coefficient of social relations, is not a, on the surface of the “quit” and “cut off all relation” is difficult? – this is common sense, but is not the focus of ink ye want to express.

the key lies in the fact that someone chat sorry m failed to grasp the era of mobile Internet window, build another QQ, on the three inch screen more internal employees complain, millet millet that financing also couldn’t catch up with the micro letter a year of promotion fee. Actually, need not regret, also need not to complain, none WeChat resources through after, when the mobile phone address book contacts with QQ can be directly transformed into WeChat friends of the moment, was doomed meters about failure.

this PC terminal and the social relations of the traditional social network instant migration ability than millet can do, even if again to millet can’t be done three years. It’s like m chat still holding painting drawings prepared on valentine’s day lovers a thatched house, wife has already on a big rush, tencent has been admitted to the villa, is more terrible to go with tencent, and mother-in-law and sister-in-law, you again see, her brother sister-in-law even in the car. Don’t think it’s very simple, to achieve this step, tencent has taken almost 15 years, the world won’t give anyone a era, so the demise of the millet with the inevitability of history.

in desperation, millet opted for a so-called “differentiation”, can see the latest official version is ink ye, m chat try to forget the universal social beginner’s mind, and described it as “geeks”. In general form a pattern of monopoly under the condition of social market, products for the user segment market, the strategy of “vertical social” there is no problem, but it is far from happy also, do IM not to provide a “one kind of people with common demand chat platform” that simple, and must rely on a lasting stickiness of social ecology.

so far, none of them has been IM products can do this, even Momo, meet this kind of vertical application (no matter how to wash white white, booty call is always a booty call) didn’t do it, unless Momo can based on the new brand positioning, for the new generation of early adopters sent to establish an ecological base, and the foundation to do a few interest groups is not that simple! Momo, for example, on the basis of the booty call, provide integrity verification, through hotel, KTV entertainment, “goods” door to door, family planning supplies, such as business, not kidding, just talk about the difference of the social tools, only consider a problem, if people can have a place in the field of IM segment, Momo wash white white why the hurry? Don’t forget, devoted to stranger is a users more than 150 million platforms, any business even if based on 15 million users, is entirely possible to make a business empire (please don’t tell me stranger devoted to have a bigger dream, business attempt to feelings please, you believe it?) .

and m chat probably did not realize this until now, if something is wrong from the source, then the next is the wrong step by step. Chat and meters based on “geeks” people orientation, much more Momo is unreliable — don’t let IT prick silk are also holding a mobile phone to chat all day? What’s more, when millet aura faded away pretend bility to becoming a “good mobile phone maker,” at this moment, this depend on rice common faith building weak social relationships, and you will they bubble on the meters to chat all day to do something?

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