Mobile application mountain, do you have a few willing to open?

now with more and more people are smart phones, talking about the App you are no longer a stranger. Over the past few years, apple’s App Store and Google Google Play every day, tens of thousands of new application log in, you can always find in these applications Store their food. Hunting you said just like find some interesting and useful App, unconsciously in the mobile phone on a lot. Some applications usually also not very open, but also can be on a rainy day, sometimes want to delete all delete on a cell phone is not laid hands on him, so we have to clear click-sould available space in the silent tears.

however, Nielsen reports recently overturned a small hunting you view – nelson told us that according to the statistical data of recent years, the average user will use a month at most two dozen (24) application! See this message, like you hunting chariot some occasional application of children may also be the same, we didn’t imagine in hard-working.

and the other end of the App developers estimate is several glad several sorrow.

like Facebook, Google, E-mail, information, maps, weather, such application is calm, after all these used every day, and certainly among the “necessary in the Top 24” on a monthly basis. And other family functions subdivision niche product is less assured.

The analysis of the

according to Nielsen, in recent years, the district market iOS and Android users over the age of 18 to spend time on all kinds of App is gradually increased, grew by 65% in two years, in the fourth quarter of 2013, the average monthly users spend time on App for 30 hours and 15 minutes, than in the fourth quarter of 2011 more than 18 hours 18 points for half a day time.

but it was interesting to note that despite using length increased year by year, but users in the number of App comparison is used in the monthly period did not change much. Fourth quarter of 2011 users monthly average number is 23.2, the same period in 2012 data is used, in 2013 is just 26.8 to 26.5. Nelson on the analysis of users use a month may be limit the number of App.

of course, the user main application can’t completely used each month – even the classic old game cannot attract users for long, just recently released game hegemony is likely to be in a month. Such as the silent for a long time suddenly burst Flappy Bird, yukio okamoto, such as a flash in the pan, or is a face of fire to rest for a while.

Nielsen, in various application summary, social class, the search application is the main part of the users for daily use. In the fourth quarter of 2013 data as you can see, the above two kinds of application of the monthly hours used nearly 11 hours, and the game and entertainment applications rose 71% from the year after up to 10 hours and 34 minutes, runners-up. For other type of App, and the using time is generally on the rise, but the class photo processing applications with monthly 34 minutes hours used to maintain a certain advantage.

in addition, Nielsen also further analyzed the influence of age, and found that age in 25-44 smartphone users use more App, monthly average around 29, and age in the 13-24 young users use for longer periods of time, nearly 37 hours, 6 minutes, apparently, active innovation and don’t have to have young people have more leisure and of the heavy burden of life experience to play.

nelson said, while older users may not be so much time and experience to play, but the hours used or can not be ignored. , according to data from 55 per month by the average user to use 22 applications, its use time to 21 hours.

you can see, with the popularity of the App and diversification, the App is gradually into our life, occupy more time, we past activities such as reading books and newspapers after TV is slowly moved to the App. Though all kinds of App have more development space, but if people use real monthly limit, that these App competition are bigger. Therefore, combining Nielsen, mobile application developers have to care about now, it is not just how to improve the download installation rates, how to let oneself become necessary Top monthly “24” of the application of, keep active monthly rate is king.

Source: TC& Wired