Mobile game want to make money, they need a “fan culture”

filed the headstrong waste ji, most familiar friends because to watch the serial network novel, not an adaptation of mobile phone CARDS with the same kind of game. As income ranked second Internet writers, I eat tomatoes at 798 yesterday, celebrate the headstrong waste ji in 360 mobile phone assistant monthly water breakthrough 10 million game activities. At the scene, give me the deepest feeling is: to attract potential users of the game is the behind the scenes “writer”, rather than the game itself.

if a book, a movie can derive relevant game entertainment industry, so whether the derivation process can reverse development? A mobile game whether can through own strength, the development of a generic entertainment ecological industry chain? !

our market is not lack of hands, or even the lack of high quality hand tour. But how can let users from ordinary players become loyal fans, enhance its obsession, is even more crucial. Many mobile game attracted a large number of users, but always can’t leave users into profit. That’s why there hand burn money more than one of the important reasons for the industry.

although traditional PC games are more likely to create a loyal user community, but that doesn’t mean more lightweight hand travel, there is no ability to create a fan culture. Just, hand tour fans culture relatively scattered, poor stability. The parties, in hand travel industry chain should be doing everything we can to strengthen the cultivation of this kind of fan culture. User scale can not bring profit, but a game of loyal users, is willing to pay high cost for you.

to abandon mobile game content production aside (this is probably the most important, but also any professional spirit mobile game developers can do), build a mobile game fan culture, need to be related to the level of “industry” dig in.

the candy crush saga of manufacturers have after listed, become a trash, part of the reason is not rely on a successful game, can create a multipoint flowering industry ecology. King of the company’s IPO, is overly dependent on the disadvantages of a game, but if it can dig the game derived products, maybe much better than it is now.

if the “one piece” can be derived out roaming, so why have been downloaded over 1 billion times of angry birds can’t come to a green pig “” angry birds” war movie? ! As an adult you may feel a little absurd, but if there is such a movie, your child (fans) will be pestering you to see.

do hand to swim, especially in China, don’t have to rely on the game itself to make money.