Mobile payment Square launch & quot; A three-piece & quot; New services: booking, offline mode, and inventory tracking to pick up the goods

nearly five years of age of the mobile payment Square financing a lot over the years, but also destroyed most of the money, had been rumors its living beyond its means will be acquired. Medium to disclose the $one hundred million loss as temporarily didn’t slow down trend.

although the day may not be too easy, Square still maintained a heart up, not only have opened a headquarters and studio in San Francisco, New York, to the marketing team, also launched on Tuesday “booking delivery, offline mode, and inventory tracking” three suites, designed to simplify the operation and to attract more customers to their own platform.

“booking delivery (Preorder& Pickup)”

as the name implies, this feature allows the user to booking commodity and in a certain time to merchants shop to pick up the goods. However, want to use the service users must log in Square Market order, or some trouble.

this new service compatible with Square Market with the Square function of the Register, open to all businesses, in the Square on the Market opening and set up the related service shop is free. It is reported, by July, every reach a single Square will charge the poundage of 2.75% (including 80% to pay the credit card company), followed by handling fee will be increased to 8% (still than the industry average of slightly lower). Every single payment will be in the second working days to the account. Like other Square service, download and install the service software is free of charge. Now booking delivery function temporarily attached to the Square Market operation, the future is expected to evolve into independent applications.

Square, the official said the merchant has quite a few the San Francisco and New York are booking pick-up service users. Such as San Francisco Souvla Greek restaurant is placed on the front page Square Market link, guide users to make a reservation. The service at the same time can also be used to order valentine’s day gifts, booking a sandwich, and so on.

Square, said to provide survey they see food and beverage is accounted for the largest smartphone to complete order products, and the use of intelligent mobile payment has become a trend. “Square, hoping to help local businesses to better keep up with the trend of mobile payment, closer to the consumer.”

“Offline Mode” (Offline Mode)

the suite allows merchants to use Square in the short term, offline mobile Register function, complete the tasks such as receive credit card payments. The tool will be stored in the offline credit card payment records, and in the network automatically when the rest of the charge transfer process. Rather than credit CARDS provide similar functionality, Square services with free and integral system undoubtedly keep its own uniqueness. Have to say that this tool for network environment is not very good buyers and sellers is very practical.

“Inventory Tracking (the Inventory Tracking)”

inventory tracking but rather Square platforms have development space of a function. Online and offline sales process, it can be free for merchants to provide inventory query function. In the control panel also provides inventory remind setting, a warning when low inventory.

Square this new action or will boost its revenue effect, but the choice of the main or traders, as well as the popularity of Square.