Mobile phone is power off? Yes, try global the first prototype of trousers

Microsoft has invited a famous fashion designer Adrian Victor francois (Adrien Victor Sauvage) cooperation design the world’s first wireless mobile charging pants.

it is reported, francois fusion in six months ago began to focus on the fashion design of wearable technology, because the cell phone battery is low bothering him very often, so francois designed a support wireless charging pants in order to satisfy the demands of charging of mobile devices. Foreign media reports, the first prototype products will be in the forthcoming A.S auvage fashion show was the first to appear.

in addition, responsible for nokia devices of the project marketing director Adam Johnson (Adam Johnson), said: “we don’t think wireless mobile charging pants market prospect is very good, the designer just hope will be the focus of the concept of wearable technology transfer from the smart watches, can even go beyond it, it will be the world’s first wireless charging pants.”

it is understood that the wireless charging pants in front pockets with nokia DC – 50 wireless charging pad, once the mobile phone in the pocket, it will start automatically recharge. Although this product is just concept design, however, francois said products listed price will be 200 pounds, after three months will be issued and sold by amazon fashion online store.


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