“Mobile phone journalists” era, realize “editorial on” FLY to you on the phone

a while ago, the United States film is very popular, several special built-in template let users really experience a “ten seconds can also shoot movies”. All share in the circle of friends can also see that users to edit video still has a big interest.

today cloud network editor jun introduced the application of hunting has a cute name “FLY”, concise interface and a variety of gestures provides users with simple and fun video editing experience – picked up the iPhone to move your fingers, don’t is a creative video, mother don’t worry about the Po template while video!

now to look at the Fly’s interface.

relative to other serious video editing software, Fly in the interface design is very simple, there is no more material rail, the preview box, and button, the import 1-4 period of video, can see the following edit interface.

the three ICONS at the top of in charge of the video volume, background audio recording, selection of background music, etc. Finished products under the preview box is four central material video preview.

the Fly’s gesture operations can be said to be quite easy and fun – sliding between two adjacent squares automatically add transition, click on the square can switch directly, double click the video will automatically switch to picture in picture mode, click the preview box can video preview. At the same time, the Fly also provides Multi – “Cam” lens function, support 4 iPhone simultaneous video content.

in general, the design of the Fly was closely related to the idea of simple, through the rich hand gestures very interesting editing experience.

at present the popular market share video editing software and many, function and characteristic are also different. But there are few applications can well balance features and ease of use. A lot of video editing software on the edit properties, but ignoring the original intention of the user wants to share video – clips easily and quickly as possible, after all, complex after editing, probably originally want to share passion had retreated down the number.

Fly founder Tim Novikoff, said there are very few applications can let users easily to cut out their own video easily. In his view iMovie and Final Cut are partial to professional tools, Vine and sets was nice, but the user can be independent of space is a lot less, and Fly to support multiple video switch editors, allow the user to create a broader space. He mentioned, now many of the so-called operation and convenient application are disposed of by the template model, users may change a lot of content, but the template is used to use to so few.

Novikoff, Fly to provide is a very quick edit function, although Fly interface compact functions but traditional edit the Fly is a not a few. According to The Verge of editing The trial experience, Fly more Multi – Cam lens function are very great, support equipment via wi-fi, bluetooth, and even cellular data synchronization. According to the test, after on the Fly into music, also can switch as the rhythm to editing, video.

of course, the function of the Fly is so simple and easy to use, perhaps in the eyes of the video editing a great god isn’t worth mentioning, after all, there are some things on the details or special software processing is more satisfactory. But Novikoff Fly design goal is to help ordinary users to “fool” edit – don’t think too much technical problems, and slide your finger play a literary talent. Have to say that Fly really reduced the threshold of the self-help editing video, at the same time also gives the user the possibility of more.

see here, want to give it a try?

are interested please download Fly stamp, to experience the feeling of a make ideas Fly ~