Mobile phones and smart TV really can play!

thunderbolt TV assistant is a convenient management of the smart TV app, but it is far more than that. Either through phone box and smart TV installed applications, and can be upgraded and the management application, when can’t find the remote control can also be mobile phone turns into a remote control, make the obsessive-compulsive disorder when a key acceleration, to the application to clear the cache. More wonderful function is worth careful experience.


thunderbolt TV

thunderbolt TV assistant global initiative by mobile phone and smart TV installed applications, the box to solve the current smart TV is the most important problem of user experience. Under the same wifi, on a mobile phone to open thunderbolt TV assistant can automatically scan connection box and smart TV, easily after connection using a mobile phone management box or the application of smart TV. A mobile phone can be connected and manage more than one box and smart TV. Also, a box or smart TV can connect more mobile phone.

phone automatically scan connection box and smart TV

on the thunderbolt TV assistant want to application, click “install to TV” synchronous installed on a box or on TV, upgrade and unload the same key, don’t need to use other equipment.

phone application can be installed, turn on the TV

phone can upgrade and uninstall TV applications

thunderbolt TV assistant provides three find application, the method of home products recommended, classified browse pages according to application category for keyword search and direct search application. Installation TV application like install app in the android smartphones, no longer subject to box and smart TV bring application market resources co., limited, no worries some boxes and smart TV installing third-party applications require root or other set operation, also need not for U disk, cable, computer… Is to install a TV applications. Thunderbolt TV assistant will complex method directly into one pace reachs the designated position, a key installation and management completely.

phone remote control

in the latest android version 1.1, thunderbolt TV assistant with the new function of remote control, when can’t find the remote control, mobile phone turns into a remote control. Or TV and mobile phone remote control only and box under the same wifi, family good wifi signal is no dead Angle remote control, can also remote control of the sitting room TV in the bedroom.

phone installation management application, combined with the function of remote control, TV, TV aides have resolved the users to use boxes and smart TV’s three big pain points: less TV application, installation management applications too troublesome, remote manipulation of the trouble.

it is worth mentioning, thunderbolt TV assistant product team believe that good products to meet the needs of the user’s spot, also want to surprise to users, the subsequent will consider increasing the remote download movie resources such as entertainment functions. At the same time, with the aid of thunderbolt download remote service and hardware manufacturers of solid foundation, thunderbolt TV assistant will also cooperate with each brand box and smart TV, rich adapter box and the number of smart TV.

at present, thunderbolt TV assistant product released android version 1.1, the ios version will be posted soon. Products can not only perfect support millet, millet TV box, also support the music box, music television, sea meidi, open the boulder, the day the cat magic box, skyworth hd box, TV, beautiful picture box and so on brand smart TV and box model.

welcome to our product, thunderbolt TV assistant’s official weibo, WeChat, BBS have been opened, the user can search in the platform, dynamic assistant on TV products. In addition, you can in millet and peas to download the mobile application market, millet app store download link and the qr code is as follows: