Mobile phones can measure user levels of stress hormones? ! Only $1

endocrine society international and the endocrine society (ICE/ENDO 2014) in June 2014 between 21 and 24 grandly held a joint meeting of Chicago in the United States. At the meeting, researchers presented a new method, this new method can make the smartphone measuring user levels of stress hormones.

according to the researchers show, only need to use a simple pipe, some software and a saliva sample, users and their doctor can through smart phones detect user’s stress hormones (that is, the stress hormone cortisol or stress hormones).

the mountains of Utah in the United States health care company (Intermountain Healthcare) diabetes and endocrinology, head of Joel urban Aaron kranz (Joel Ehrenkranz) said: “we have designed a kind of method, in this way, any person holding a smartphone will be able to quickly measure their saliva cortisol levels, and this method is very convenience of operation, the cost is not expensive.”

urban Dr Aaron kranz said in an interview with the media, under normal circumstances, the commercial laboratory test (such as doing a quantitative saliva cortisol levels, is likely to receive the cost of $50, and need a week to get results. However, the cost by using the method of intelligent mobile phone test under five dollars, but also in less than 10 minutes can issue the result.

urban Aaron kranz said: “today, the lack of measurement of cortisol parts of the country and the rest of the world will be able to carry out the necessary diagnostic testing. In addition, the use of this technology to measure the saliva cortisol level, will be fast and low cost for individual users to monitor their own physiological stress levels provides methods.”

urban Aaron krenz and research team in the future will focus on medical service suppliers all over the world, especially the resource relatively poor areas, and will use the smartphone detection method to help diagnosis of excessive or hormone cortisol dilution related disease, allowing users to every once in a while can be tested for cortisol levels conveniently.

meanwhile, eritrea Aaron krenz and the team also hopes the public will, to be able to monitor their cortisol levels. Therefore, urban Aaron krenz and their research team design a cheap also equipment, easy production, easy to use in all kinds of mobile phones, all kinds of platforms. In addition to the smartphone, also included in this test equipment is a small box, a light pipe and a lens, don’t need batteries, and the device is not easy and broken, can also be repeated use.

Aaron krenz assert, for developing countries, the cost of the equipment can’t expensive, of course, every time testing costs only $1.

in the college of engineering at the university of Utah in Salt Lake City advanced lighting engineers Randall Bohr Nicholson (Randall Polson, project coordinator) Dr Through E-mail said: “we are trying to make sure a 12-year-old student can obtain accurate results.” Bohr also said: “the measuring system of intelligent mobile phone and data interpretation as image processing tools, this complex difficult program will be integrated into the application of smart phones, so users only need to have a charging mobile phone and a test kit, it can obtain accurate detection data, without the need for a complex infrastructure, also do not need after high intensity of skills training.”

integration is one of the experiment, a user will suction saliva in the shape of the collector in the lower part of the tongue, and then the surface tension activity will be sucked into a small box installed in the saliva of the analytical reagent, the small box embedded in the card reader. After the card reader will lens and light diffuser on the smartphone camera and flash. A few minutes later, smartphones image analysis application began to measure the levels of cortisol.

urban Aaron, said Dr Krenz using this equipment, there is the risk of mental pressure users will be able to test their saliva cortisol levels every day, and take corresponding measures to avoid falling hair psychosis.

urban Aaron kranz, according to the ministry of public health in Thailand has been planned for later this year when importing this kind of cortisol testing method, the future will also monitor the individual user pressure situation as a consumer products. Urban Aaron krenz team are collected clinical data, and will take this plan sent to the United States food and drug administration (FDA), for approval. Aaron krenz wants to the United States food and drug administration to approve the plan next year. (yue Tong)

source: tencent technology