Momo launched “to store”, social O2O grafting

(word/flat HongGuang)

on August 15, Momo officially launched advertising platform “to store”, based on Momo social network system, to provide offline businesses on the platform of online advertising, businesses can now in Momo client ads, and real-time interaction and user. On the process of advertising also can be done on mobile phones.

and general advertising business model is different, “to shop tong” location-based mobile advertising platform, precision timing, orientation, businesses centered farness, spread to the surrounding radiation, business can submit information become after approved certification business, can be set on the set time, location, range, etc., but advertising via message message after checking.

via “to store” features at present:

implementation based on the social form of advertising business value. Via “to store” session, bulletin boards and collection function, through dialogue and real-time communication with the merchants, convenient and quick release stores the latest news, promotions and other information.

intelligent navigation service. Via “to store” call button provides a key, can also according to user’s current location and merchants distance, through the map navigation for users to store service.

this Momo launched via “to store” is in the mobile commercial in-depth attempt, mobile social mobile business advertising platform.

at present, the stranger stranger via “to store” the joining process is divided into application and the two steps, businesses to provide basic information for auditing, by becoming a certified businesses. Momo via “to store” advertising companies adopt active mode, basic to register and submit, check, pay, finally exposed. Social grafting O2O, Momo are a step closer to commercialization.