Money can’t buy, Facebook zuckerberg Snapchat “plagiarism”

according to the Facebook application is currently developing a burn after reading, the intention to rob Snapchat large user groups. Although details are unknown, but from the news release time point of view, higher credibility.

it is reported that Facebook is currently in development of this product is called “Slingshot. It is worth noting that sources, mark zuckerberg personally led the development team, has been underway for months of development work.

as a burn after reading the ancestor of social applications, Snapchat since launch overseas users such as the United States are obtained. Facebook seems to Snapchat way of social and user groups have long coveted.

last year, media reported was widely reported that Facebook at $3 billion, in an attempt to acquire the were not profitable start-ups;

recently, Facebook and just officially closed the independent development, to replicate Snapchat products – Poke;

meanwhile, Snapchat of flutter in the young people in a foreign country, it is gradually of “aging” Facebook has urgent need.

the above three comprehensively, the news of the financial times higher credibility.

since this year, Facebook has changed its layout strategy. On the one hand, through positive capital operation, Facebook hope to connect those possible future new platform of the world, into a bag. Facebook, on the other hand, believes that, on the basis of “social is king” is to Facebook and burden, and will be more functional allocation to the independent applications. Anyway, now, under the guidance of Facebook is mark towards a brighter future.