Most came to “suppress” the Internet company: UC has been searching for four years

ucweb CEO is the industry’s most can hold one of the CEO. At just now, the UC in his 10th anniversary celebration, “surprise” issued its mobile search service brand — what, do they have “secret” and claims that the business for four years.

this sort of thing happened on UC is not the first time. 2012 hands move platform nine and, in fact, as early as 2009 was taken over by UC wholly owned, being suppressed three years . According to CNNIC, nine swimming is second only to the second hand of tencent domestic swim download platform . Ucweb CEO said 2015 UC swim to bring partner of the year is divided into nine will exceed 1.5 billion yuan.

and last year’s acquisition of PP helper application distribution platform, is also in the team is fully integrated before he announced the news. , the game in the industry know, PP assistant and 91 to the iOS the biggest game distribution channels .

associated with ucweb CEO mentioned again, their investment in mergers and acquisitions last year spent more than $2 billion, estimates that there are many underwater forces hidden underneath. What is a significant component of a, otherwise also won’t deliberately to get the company announced the tenth anniversary of the time point to. Of course, the importance of mobile search business is also is on the table, look at players in the company: baidu, 360, tencent…

as for UC what reason, as well as the key can make it, I think that must be from the three factors to consider, including UC itself, baidu and alibaba.

UC: mobile browser KEY PLAYER = mobile search KEY PLAYER?

this formula has already need not to go too much evidence. The story of two years ago, 360 search everyone already know that by browser is 360 strong product line in the PC, overnight won more than 10% of the share.

this formula translation to the mobile terminal will also work. Although this two years in the industry of the future of the mobile browser dispute is not little, but the results in the end all the big players or on the product made a considerable investment – for mobile search, mobile browser is really worthy of the first bearer, this even micro letter temporarily cannot do it.

according to iresearch’s “2013 China mobile browser industry analysis report, UC browser market share as much as 62.9%. UC global users also broke through 500 million this year. According to the UC in the mobile browser side strength, in the short term to mobile search KEY PLAYER really is too difficult for them.

in addition, if there is such a big flow of UC is to do business, selling site navigation is shortchanging yourself too much. Do so from the business logic, UC mobile search is a visionary, but is must take a card – flow cash, and more efficient way than the search? Don’t forget, cheetahs just rely on to other search engines diversion into business, have to submit documents listed on the nasdaq.

: baidu will also be able to play together?

UC and baidu can’t together, or it is a pity that, after all, before a long period of time, the two sides are “close” comradeship: baidu relies on UC for mobile terminal in traffic, and UC can get objective into income from baidu. In the words of ucweb CEO: three giant BAT the most understanding of UC is baidu. Which further verify the above formula.

but at the moment between the two would doubtless to competition. As the PC era the absolute king of Chinese search engine, baidu can’t stand what’s rise in the field of mobile search. In fact, from last year’s industry merger and acquisition negotiations, baidu began to push “baidu” App, to get rid of the dependence on the browser side diversion (phone baidu look from the product itself is also a browser). According to the UC official words said, what brand of confirmed that also happens to be in at about the same time last year. Obviously, merger talks broke down, the two should guess between each other will do.

ucweb CEO or nice, in what release said that the future I hope we can with baidu “benign interaction”. But believe that he himself also know that this is not an easy thing. In the short term, what can rely on UC browser jianghu position before the next city, but the long and have to resort to getting the product to beat the baidu competition.

by the way, mobile phone baidu’s official data, is 500 million.

listed before the last time waiting for?

not is a rumor, ali has delayed submission listed F – 1 time. But the official response to the incident did not make any, UC in what released today, then it’s not possible don’t let a person to extrapolate.