Moto X + 1, and the new flagship “motorcycle” often GanTang? !

it is reported that MOTOROLA or before the by lenovo’s purchase of complete, launch a flagship configuration of mobile phone – Moto X + 1.

after the fact a great god @ evleaks has also exposed a this kind of mobile phone.

the report pointed out that the phone’s internal code for XT912A. Specific configuration is as follows:

5.2 inch screen 1080 p resolution;

2.3 GHz Xiao dragon 800 processor;

12 million pixels main camera;

2 gb RAM 32 gb of storage space.

however, this configuration is “jing”. However, given that the Moto X is not a high-end configuration (but with a high-end equipment pricing), hardware such as MOTOROLA’s so-called flagship of a new generation of mobile phones, also seem to be is not a surprise.

it is important to note that exposure message displays, the phone will launch the Android 4.4.3 system. If the phone can keep the same as Moto X work design, almost native system experience, some interaction experience, let a person shine at the moment and some people on the price, then it should not make the mistake of Moto X.