MOTOROLA believes that ten designs to match called smart watches

MOTOROLA in the recently released 10 about its future smart watches the best design solution.

although MOTOROLA says the designers from all over the world and the design of the ordinary people, is unlikely to be applied on the forthcoming 360 Moto, but these outstanding design ideas, in the smart watches for MOTOROLA future production products provide inspiration can be drawn lessons from.

MOTOROLA officially released earlier this year “MOTOROLA smart watch design competition”, inviting all people to join the design activities. MOTOROLA official in the 1300 final design scheme, design scheme selection out of the 10 most. At present, the campaign is still ongoing, interested friends can be in before Wednesday, (not even if the Google + account), to vote for their sacred.

upper hours digital fades, shows the minutes below Numbers. The concept of interpretation of the theme of the time.

color stripe outer ring to minutes, inner ring to hours. In addition, in the central added weather, text messaging and so on.

minimalist design. Hours Numbers in the middle, 360 degrees minutes beating around its periphery.

simple design, add the compass and the countdown plug-in.

generous concise, even shorthand.

most tech design. Small arc on behalf of the hour, big arc on behalf of the minutes, similar to the design of radar display the number of seconds.

at present the design of the top!

set of figures, more outstanding watch time view function. Intuitive and easy.

lower says the number of seconds, the upper time display is very intuitive.